A Mouthful of Air (2021) , Release Date, Plot, Review, Trailer & Cast

A Mouthful of Air

A Mouthful of Air 

A Mouthful of Air is an American drama film directed, written, and produced by Amy Koppelman. Amanda Seyfried, Finn Wittrock, Jennifer Carpenter, Michael Gaston, Amy Irving, and Paul Giamatti are among the cast members.

It will be released on October 29, 2021, by Stage 6 Films.

A Mouthful of Air Trailer

A Mouthful of Air Release Date

Sony Pictures International Acquisitions bought the film’s worldwide distribution rights in April 2021. On October 29, 2021, it is set to be released.

A Mouthful of Air Plot

In Amy Koppelman’s direct and rough A Mouthful Of Air In The Face Of Her 2003 Book, Amanda Seyfried is just great as a mother struggling with postpartum anxiety.. Finn Wittrock On The Debut For “A Mouthful Of Air” Is Wonderful And Sweet As Always! It Was The Main Public Screening Of A Mouthful Of Air. Amazing News For The Arrival Of Maven Pictures (In Collaboration With Studio Mao) Amy Koppelman’s A Mouthful Of Air Created Before The Pandemic.

Julie Davis compiles top-notch children’s books on facing your fears, but she can’t face her own. When her daughter is born, that injury is brought forward, along with a harrowing struggle to survive.

A Mouthful of Air Review

Depression isn’t rational, and “A Mouthful of Air’s” finest feature is its refusal to offer a one-size-fits-all explanation for the prevalent, and devastating, ailment. Amy Koppelman’s adaptation of her 2003 novel of the same name follows new mother Julie (Amanda Seyfried), who attempts suicide unsuccessfully just before her child’s first birthday, and subsequently struggles to live with bad thoughts and sensations she can’t escape. This understated drama has a lot of empathy, but it also has a fuzziness that makes it feel like it’s on the outside looking in, which will make it a tough sell when it hits theaters on Oct. 29.

An unexpected pregnancy serves as the impetus for the film’s impending catastrophe, and Seyfried and Wittrock use subtle glances and passive-aggressive comments to convey the developing complexity of Julie and Ethan’s relationship. Despite this, Koppelman rushes through the majority of her plot points, including Julie’s traumatic upbringing,a late squabble over her decision to stop taking her medication after the birth of her second child, and the climactic decades-later revelation about what happened to her — not to mention Carpenter, Paul Giamatti, Britt Robertson, and Josh Hamilton’s roles being reduced to glorified cameos —

The film is too affected to grab at the heartstrings, preferring to insinuate rather than show or tell, and that goes for its many animated sequences from, and dialogues about, Julie’s children’s book, which aim to evoke tears to an alienating degree.

A Mouthful of Air Cast

Amanda Seyfried As Julie Davis
Britt Robertson As Rachel Davis
Jennifer Carpenter As Lucy
Finn Wittrock As Ethan Davis
Paul Giamatti As Dr. Sylvester
Amy Irving As Bobbi Davis
Josh Hamilton
Darren Goldstein As Kevin
Alysia Reiner As Pam
Michael Gaston As Ron
West Duchovny As Ice Cream Girl
Fedna Jacquet As Nurse Jackie
Logan Macrae As Jake
Juan Carlos Hernández As Taxi Driver
Cate Elefante As Young Julie
Ariana Jalia As Little Girl
Fiona Graham As Lindsay
Jared Johnston As Grocery Store Manager
Foster Mosier As Teddy
Jayden Abrams As Kid in picnic
Monica Eva Foster As Waitress
Adam Garcia As Kid in class
Adam e Garcia As Boy in class
Maeve Mosier As Teddy
Bob Leszczak As Vendor / Passerby

A Mouthful of Air synopsis

The author of a bestselling children’s book about overcoming childhood phobias has yet to overcome her own. Things go grim for her with the birth of her second kid, as a dark secret from her past resurfaces.


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