All the Queen’s Men 2021 TV Series, Trailer, Release Date, Cast and plot

All the Queen's Men

All the Queen’s Men TV Series (2021)

All the Queen’s Men is a drama television series set in the United States (2021). The core cast of All the Queen’s Men includes Donny Carrington, Brittany Passion, and Ashlee Brian (2021). Madam and her family should not be messed with. All the Queen’s Men premieres on BET+ on September 9. In honor of Christian Keyes’ well-known novel Ladies Night.

The sovereign should consistently get it done, regardless! All the Queen’s Men debuts September 9, just on BET+. An enchanted Superharem multicast treat that will dissolve hearts and earbuds! Simply give the signal, You know what these hands do. All the Queen’s Men her driving job as Madam on the new series.

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All the Queen’s Men Trailer


All the Queen’s Men Release Date

On Thursday, September 9th, the BET+ series will release all ten episodes of All The Queen’s Men exclusively on BET+.

All the Queen’s Men Storyline

Plot Summary & Review

The plot revolves around “Marilyn ‘Madam’ DeVille’s” existence. Madam is a ruthless finance manager in her prime in the club industry, surrounded by a tight-knit group of loyal employees that work tirelessly to secure her success.

All the Queen’s Men is a one-hour drama centered around Marilyn ‘Madam’ DeVille’s life. Madam is a fearless entrepreneur who is at the top of her game in the nightclub sector, supported by a team of loyal staff that is dedicated to her success.

She’s a shrewd, powerful, and unyielding businesswoman who owns a high-end male strip club that she operates fairly but firmly; she’s not afraid to do whatever it takes to keep her business afloat.

But Madam, a self-proclaimed boss, soon discovers that more money and more power mean more problems.

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All the Queen’s Men  Cast

Donny Carrington As Red
Brittany Passion As Teresa’s Friend
Ashlee Brian As Terry Ellis
Bruna Boa Mutunda As Lola Willmont
Racquel Palmer As Blue
Jeryl Prescott As Judge Martha Ross
Audrey Williams As Club Patron
Eva Marcille As Marilyn Deville
Duby Maduegbunam As The Muscle (2021)
Skyh Alvester Black As AMP ‘Addition Anthony’
Michael Bolwaire As Doc
Mikhail Keize As Freedom
Christian Keyes As The Concierge
Candace Maxwell As DJ Dime
Julia Pace Mitchell As Miss Patty
Raquel Palmer As Blue
Dion Rome As El Fuego
Keith Swift As Babyface
Jeremy Williams As Midnight

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All the Queen’s Men Wiki

TV Series: All the Queen’s Men (2021)
Network: BET+
Creator: Christian Keyes
Main Stars: Donny Carrington, Brittany Passion, Ashlee Brian
Genre: Drama
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: 9 September 2021 (BET+)
Season: 1
Episodes: 10
Also known As All the Queen’s Men, All the Queen’s Men Season 1, All the Queen’s Men (2021)

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