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American Horror Story

American Horror Story 2021

American Horror Story is an American anthology horror television for the cable network FX., Each season of the American Story media franchise is planned as a self-contained miniseries, with a new cast of characters and places, as well as a storyline with its own “beginning, middle, and finish.” Each season’s plot elements are loosely based on true events.

Many performers appear in multiple seasons, often portraying different characters. Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and Lily Rabe have all appeared in nine of the first 10 seasons, followed by Frances Conroy, who has been in eight, and Denis O’Hare, who has appeared in six. Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts, John Carroll Lynch, Adina Porter, Finn Wittrock, and Jamie Brewer are among the famous performers who appear in five of the ten seasons.

The first season, titled Murder Mansion retrospectively, is set in Los Angeles, California in 2011 and follows a family who moves into a house haunted by the ghosts of its previous occupants. The second season, dubbed Asylum, is set in 1964 in Massachusetts and follows the patients and staff of a detention center for the criminally ill. The third season, named Coven, is set in 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and follows a coven of witches as they battle those who want to kill them.

The fourth season, named Freak Show, is set in 1952 in Jupiter, Florida, and follows one of the last remaining American freak shows as they fight for survival. The fifth season, Hotel, is set in 2015 in Los Angeles, California, and follows the staff and guests of a supernatural hotel. The sixth season, dubbed Roanoke, is set in North Carolina from 2014 to 2016 and centers on paranormal happenings that occur at a remote farmhouse haunted by the Roanoke colony’s ghosts.

The seventh season, named Cult, takes place in the fictional Michigan suburb of Brookfield Heights from 2016 to 2017 and follows a cult terrorizing the locals in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. The eighth season, titled Apocalypse, sees the witches from Coven combat the Antichrist from Murder House in an attempt to prevent the end of the world. The ninth season, named 1984, is set in the 1980s outside of Los Angeles and follows a group of young staff members at a summer camp that is preparing to reopen 14 years after a massacre.

The tenth season, named Double Feature, is divided into two parts, the first of which takes place in 2022 and follows a family who relocates to a coastal village where odd residents begin to affect their lives. FX renewed the series for three more seasons in January 2020.

Although reactions to different seasons have varied, television critics have generally praised American Horror Story, with the majority of praise going to the cast, particularly Jessica Lange, who has won two Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award for her work. For their roles, Kathy Bates and James Cromwell each won an Emmy Award, while Lady Gaga won a Golden Globe. The show had consistently high ratings for FX, with its first season being the most-watched new cable series of 2011.

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American Horror Story 2021 Release Date

American Horror Story 2021 season 10 will hit FX in the States on Wednesday, August 25 at 10 pm

American Horror Story 2021 Storyline

Plot Summary & Review

There will be ten episodes in American Horror Story: Double Feature, with the third episode titled “Thirst.”

Following the two-part premiere, the official synopsis for episode 3 promises that Harry’s newfound gift will bring an unexpected visitor to the beach village.


Alma’s determination to take matters into her own hands is also detailed in the summary.


The first six episodes of American Horror Plot: Double Feature will follow the same story arc, with the remaining episodes following the ‘Death Valley’ story arc, according to prior reports. This ties in with the season 10 title, ‘Double Feature,’ in which Murphy teased that one narrative will be set by the sea and the other by the mountains.

American Horror Story 2021 Cast

  • Matt Bomer as Michael Winslow 
  • Gavin Creel as Troy Winslow 
  • Sierra McCormick as Scarlett Winslow 
  • Kaia Gerber as Ruby McDaniel 
  • Paris Jackson as Maya
  • Belissa Escobedo as Shanti 
  • Merrin Dungey as Dr. Andi Grant 
  • Aaron Tveit as Adam 
  • Selena Sloan as Erin
  • Ashley Martin Carter as Rowena 
  • Valerie Loo as Nicole
  • Celia Finklestein as Gladys

American Horror Story 2021 Wiki

  • Genre
    Serial drama
    Supernatural horror
  • Created by
    Ryan Murphy
    Brad Falchuk
  • Theme music composer
    Cesar Davila-Irizarry
    Charlie Clouser
    Mac Quayle
  • Composers
    James S. Levine
    Mac Quayle
  • Original language English
    No. of seasons 10
    No. of episodes 110 (list of episodes)
  • Production
    Executive producers
    Ryan Murphy
    Brad Falchuk
    Dante Di Loreto
    Tim Minear
    James Wong
    Jennifer Salt
    Bradley Buecker
    Alexis Martin Woodall
    Crystal Liu
    Adam Penn
    John J. Gray
    Sarah Paulson (s. 10-)
    Manny Coto
    (s. 10-)
  • Producers
    Alexis Martin Woodall (s. 1–3)
    Patrick McKee
    Robert M. Williams Jr.
    Ned Martel
    Evan Peters (s. 10-)
  • Production locations
    Los Angeles, California (s. 1, 5, 8, 9)
    New Orleans, Louisiana (s. 3–4, 8)
    Santa Clarita, California (s. 6, 9)
    Orange, California (s.2, 7)
    Burbank, California (s. 8)
    Provincetown, Massachusetts (s. 10)
  • Cinematography
    Christopher Baffa (pilot)
    Michael Goi (s. 1–5)
    Gavin Kelly (s. 6–9)
    Andrew Mitchell (s. 10)
  • Editors
    Fabienne Bouville
    Ken Ramos
    Adam Penn
  • Camera setup Single camera
  • Running time 37–71 minutes
  • Production companies
    20th Television
    Ryan Murphy Television
    Brad Falchuk Teley-Vision
  • Distributor
    20th Television
  • Disney Platform Distribution
    Disney+ (international)
    $39+ million (s. 5)
    $33+ million (s. 6)
    $31+ million (s. 7)
    $37+ million (s. 8)
    $43+ million (s. 9)
  • Release
    Original network FX
    Original release October 5, 2011 –
  • Chronology
    Related shows American Story

American Horror Story Seasons

Season                       Title Episodes                                           Originally aired

1                           Murder House                     12 October 5, 2011, December 21, 2011
2                            Asylum                               13 October 17, 2012, January 23, 2013
3                         Coven                                     13 October 9, 2013, January 29, 2014
4                        Freak Show                            13 October 8, 2014, January 21, 2015
5                         Hotel                                      12 October 7, 2015 January 13, 2016
6                        Roanoke                            10 September 14, 2016, November 16, 2016
7                         Cult                                      11 September 5, 2017, November 14, 2017
8                       Apocalypse                       10 September 12, 2018, November 14, 2018
9                            1984                             9 September 18, 2019, November 13, 2019
10                      Double Feature                 10 August 25, 2021 October 20, 2021


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