Amor Amor Wiki, Cast, Release Date, Storyline and Trailer

Amor Amor

Amor Amor (TV series)

Amor Amor (Our Love Songs) is a telenovela that premiered on SIC on January 4, 2021.

“A vida é uma canção” (Portuguese)
“The life is a song” (English)

Ricardo Pereira
Joana Santos
Paulo Rocha (season 1)
Maria João Bastos (season 1)
Luísa Cruz
Alexandra Lencastre (season 2)
Bruno Cabrerizo (season 2)

Country of origin Portugal
Original language Portuguese
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 220
Original network SIC
Original release January 4, 2021 –
Preceded by Nazaré

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Amor Amor Release Date

Amor Amor’s first season premiered on January 4, 2021.

Amor Amor Storyline

Linda and Romeu have always been great friends – and competing bands’ singers. Linda professed her love for him when he turned 18 and showed him a song she had written about them.

The two began dating, but Romeo soon went on tour with his father’s band, where he was tempted by one of the vocalists, the seductive Vanessa.

Linda later chooses to track down Romeu, and following a terrible accident involving Romeu’s father, they decide to flee.

The plot, however, is thrown into disarray when Vanessa learns she is pregnant by Romeu’s father, with whom she was also connected. Angela, her naughty sister, instructs her to denounce Linda to the police.

Linda travels to Luxembourg, believing Romeu has betrayed her. While Romeu accepts Angela’s offer to become a renowned singer if he marries Vanessa and adopts the baby he believes is his, he is heartbroken.

Linda attends one of Romeu’s concerts months later, where he proposes to Vanessa and dedicates the song she composed when they were both 18 to him as if it were written by him. Linda, who is pregnant with Romeu’s child, and Vanessa both give birth that night in the same hospital. A malfunction of the hospital’s electrical system results in the swapping of infants, and Linda finds herself parenting the daughter of the woman who stole her great love.

Linda and Romeu will not cross paths again for another twenty years. He is currently the king of Portuguese popular music, and he and his sister-in-law, ngela, are responsible for launching new artists into the market, including Romeu and Vanessa’s daughter, Sandy. Sandy’s partner will, by chance, discover the next musical genius, Linda’s daughter Melanie.

Melanie will be invited to an audition by Romeu, but Linda will not allow her to go. Linda will pursue Melanie after she discovers she has fled to Portugal.

Linda exposes Romeu to the public after hearing him perform the song she created in Portugal, where it all began.

Amor Amor Cast

Ricardo Pereira … Romeu Santiago231 episodes, 2021
Joana Santos … Linda Sousa Ribeiro231 episodes, 2021
Paulo Rocha … Bruno Ribeiro192 episodes, 2021
Luísa Cruz … Ângela Pinto192 episodes, 2021
Rogério Samora … Cajó192 episodes, 2021
Filipa Nascimento … Mélanie Sousa Ribeiro192 episodes, 2021
Ivo Lucas … Leandro Vieira192 episodes, 2021
Joana Aguiar … Sandra Pereira192 episodes, 2021
Margarida Carpinteiro … Adelaide Eça de Lima192 episodes, 2021
Manuel Cavaco … Amadeu192 episodes, 2021
Rosa do Canto … Lurdes Sousa192 episodes, 2021
Fidalgo … Rúben Moreira192 episodes, 2021
Mariana Pacheco … Cátia Sousa192 episodes, 2021
Renato Godinho … Vítor192 episodes, 2021
Luciana Abreu … Rebeca Sofia192 episodes, 2021
João Catarré … Luís Fernandes192 episodes, 2021
Melânia Gomes … Rute Fernandes192 episodes, 2021
Guilherme Moura … Rogério192 episodes, 2021

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