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Bad Sport

Bad Sport Netflix

Bad Sport could use a little more brevity; Lanier’s chapter, which clocks in at 85 minutes, is particularly long. Still, it’s an intriguing mix of small-scale and large-scale sports wrongdoing, the latter of which was the case with the 2002 Winter Olympics figure skating controversy, which cost Canadian pair skaters Jamie Salé and David Pelletier their gold medals for a period. Salé and Pelletier, as well as their Russian opponent Elena Berezhnaya and her coach Tamara Moskvina, speak candidly about Russia’s audacious attempt to sway French judge Marie-Reine Le Gougne’s vote in favor of Berezhnaya and partner Anton Sikharulidze.

The ongoing conflict between the Russian and Canadian interpretations of the incident adds to the drama of the episode, implying that competition never dies when it comes to crimes of this sort

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Bad Sport Release Date

Bad Sport, unlike Netflix’s other sports docu-series Untold, isn’t being released in installments; instead, it’s being broadcast all at once as from 6 October 2021

Bad Sport Storyline

Plot Summary & Review

The 1994 price-fixing conspiracy conducted by Arizona State University point guard Stevin “Hedake” Smith kicks off a global cross-section of sports-world misconduct in Bad Sport. Despite the fact that Smith’s NBA dreams were within grasp as a superstar senior, he couldn’t say no when fellow ASU classmate and campus bookie Benny Silman offered him a deal: rig the score of two upcoming games for $10,000 each contest. Smith not only accepted the offer but enlisted the support of his teammate Isaac “Ice” Burton, who has spoken about how he and his teammates struggled financially while in school.

It’s evident from their episode that a desire for money was the driving force for their decision. They set up a scheme in which Gagliano made massive Las Vegas wagers based on Smith and Burton promising that ASU would win or lose by a specified amount of points, and they worked with Silman’s partner-in-crime Joe Gagliano, who spoke openly on tape about his important involvement in this farce.

Smith and Burton, like Robert De Niro’s dumb mob minions in Goodfellas, took their illegally obtained riches and spent them recklessly, garnering the very attention they should have avoided like the plague. As a result, they set the wheels in motion for their own demise. Randy Lanier, who made a fortune as a marijuana smuggler in 1980s Miami and decided to translate that income into a professional motor racing career supported by his drugs business, exhibits the same type of folly in Bad Sport’s second episode. Lanier’s meteoric rise in his chosen sector naturally made him a front-page story. However, the spotlight brought with it a slew of new questions about his enterprise.

Because no one in the driver’s camp was very adept at concealing information, it wasn’t long before Lanier began to see federal agents lurking around every corner, and his escape from justice became a virtual certainty.

Smith and Lanier aren’t sympathetic, having committed their crimes knowing the grave repercussions if they were discovered, and Bad Sport benefits from the participation of these men, as well as the other subjects, who frankly and emotionally revisit their self-made ordeals. Only two interviewees refuse to discuss a topic: Lanier remains silent when asked about deaths related to a botched smuggling expedition, and bookie Marlon Aronstam remains mum about his dubious contacts with South African cricket superstar Hansie Cronje in the last chapter.

Even in those circumstances, the truth emerges, including the naked amorality that motivated them to do what they did. There’s no pretense here, as everyone included admits to their crimes and explains their reasoning, shedding a few tears along the way as they reflect on their mistakes and regrets.

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Bad Sport Episodes

  • Episode 1: Hoop Schemes – The players engaged in the point-shaving controversy at Arizona State University in 1994 explain why they decided to manipulate the game.
  • Episode 2: Need for Weed Randy Lanier, a small-time marijuana dealer, tries to expand his drug business in order to fund his passion for racing cars.
  • Episode 3: Footballgate – An examination of the alarming allegations that former Juventus director Luciano Moggi bribed Italian referees.
  • Episode 4: Gold War When a figure skating judge is allegedly pushed to put Russia ahead of Canada in the couples competition, the 2002 Winter Olympics are disrupted.
  • Episode 5: Horse Hitman – Horse killer on the job Tommy Burns discusses his role in an insurance fraud operation in which affluent horse owners paid him to murder their prized display horses.
  • Episode 6: Fallen Idol – Hansie Cronje, South Africa’s dynamic cricket captain, and the match rigging allegations that ruined his name

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