Blood Red Sky Released Date, Storyline, Cast and Trailer

Blood Red Sky

Blood Red Sky

Blood Red Sky which is also known as ‘ the Transatlantic 473’ is a 2021 horror film directed by Peter Thorwarth,  It was released by Netflix on 23 July 2021


  • Netflix released Blood Red Sky on July 23, 2021. It’s one of Netflix’s 71 original films set to be released in 2021, as part of a plan to release at least one new film per week.

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Due to a hijacking, an airborne plane is heading for a landing. Someone takes control of the jet and successfully lands it at a Royal Air Force facility in Scotland. Although a man in the cockpit claims to be hurt, he is suspected of being a hijacker.

At the request of the base’s commanding officer, a woman is shown chatting to a toddler who was a passenger on the plane.

Nadja, a German widow, and her son Elias are about to board a plane to New York, where Nadja, who appears to have leukemia, will see a specialist who can give her the treatment she needs to get back on her feet. While his mother is taking medicine that causes her significant suffering, Elias becomes friends with a man named Farid at the airport.

As the passengers retire for the evening, a group of men, led by co-pilot Bastian, assassinate the three air marshals on board and damage the black box, preventing the jet from being tracked on radar. Berg, their leader, then informs the passengers that he and his men have taken control of the plane and that everyone should remain put until a ransom is paid. Nadja pursues Elias as he tries to hide. When Eightball, a sociopathic hijacker, sees them, he shoots Nadja multiple times.

The hijackers begin the second part of their plot, forcing Farid to record a statement that makes it look the plane has been hijacked by terrorists for a suicide strike, knowing the plane would be shot down.

Elias saves Nadja’s life with his blood, but she rejects him and runs away, knowing that her desire for his blood puts him in danger. The jet arrives at a Scottish RAF base, but the authorities disregard Elias and Farid’s pleas and board the plane in search of survivors, resulting in a slaughter. They misinterpret Elias’ cries for help as trauma, and an ambulance is dispatched to take him to the hospital. However, before leaving, he begs that his teddy bear be returned, and he is reunited with it.

Elias flees the ambulance and dashes back to the plane as a medic prepares to inject him with a sleep medication. He witnesses his mother exit the jet and feast on a soldier, but when he hails her, she merely responds with a hungry roar before charging toward him and devouring him. Elias uses the detonator he put in his teddy bear, killing his mother and the other vampires, after realizing his mother is gone and all that is left of her is a frenzied beast. As the camera slowly pulls away, Farid is released from detention and embraces Elias.


  • Carl Anton Koch as Elias
  • Peri Baumeister as Nadja
  • Kais Setti as Farid al Adwa, a physicist, and passenger.
  • Nader Ben-Abdallah as Mohammed, an astrophysics student, and passenger.
  • David Hürten as Marvin, a former German Islamic convert to ISIS.
  • Kai Ivo Baulitz as Bastian Buchner, the co-pilot and member of the terrorists.
  • Graham McTavish as Colonel Alan Drummond, British Army
  • Rebecca Dyson-Smith, as Sergeant Karen Brown, British Army
  • Roland Møller is Karl, a Danish member of the terrorists.
  • Dominic Purcell as Berg, the American leader of the terrorists.
  • Jan Loukota as Jurij, Czech explosives expert and member of the terrorists.
  • Alexander Scheer as Robert/Eightball, a psychotic German member of the terrorists.
  • Chidi Ajufo as Curtiz, an American member of the terrorists.
  • Florian Schmidtke as Michael, a Bundespolizei air marshal.
  • Holger Hage as Holger, a Bundespolizei air marshal.
  • Jacqueline Macaulay as Naomi, a German interpreter at RAF Drybridge.

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Filming for the film, then known as Transatlantic 473, was temporarily halted in Prague on September 11, 2020, after an extra tested positive for COVID-.

Blood Red Sky official trailer

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