Bloodthirsty film wiki, release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Storyline


Bloodthirsty  film

Bloodthirsty is a horror film directed by Amelia Moses that will be released in festivals in 2020 and on the big screen in 2021. Grey, an indie singer-songwriter who begins to transform into a werewolf while working at a secluded wilderness recording studio with producer Vaughn, is played by Lauren Beatty (Greg Bryk).

The film premiered at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas on October 1, 2020, and was distributed on video-on-demand on April 23, 2021.

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Bloodthirsty  film Release Date

On October 1, 2020, the film premiered at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas, which was held virtually that year. It will also be shown at the Telluride Horror Show in Colorado in 2020, as well as the Calgary Underground Film Festival in 2021.

Brainstorm Media purchased the U.S. rights to the film in February 2021, with plans to distribute it in cinemas and on video-on-demand on April 23, 2021. Raven Banner Releasing announced on March 21, 2021, that it had purchased the Canadian rights and planned to distribute it in theaters and on-demand on April 23, 2021.  Bloodthirsty, although being released and receiving positive reviews, did not play in theaters.

Bloodthirsty  film Storyline

Plot Summary & Review

Grey Kessler, an indie singer-songwriter, is anxious about following up a great album with a successful follow-up. She also takes medication to prevent dreams in which she transforms into a wolf, and she appears to have other medical difficulties, despite the fact that her doctor cannot detect anything physically wrong with her.

Vaughn Daniels, a reclusive music producer who was formerly a successful boy-band vocalist in the 1990s, invites Grey to create and record her second album in his secluded estate. Grey’s girlfriend, a painter named Charlie, learns that Vaughn was prosecuted for the murder of a singer named Greta but was acquitted. Grey accepts Vaughn’s offer despite her reservations, and Charlie joins her.

Grey becomes increasingly obsessive as the creative process progresses, and he begins to dismiss Charlie’s worries. Grey is pushed by Vaughn, who encourages her to write songs about her worst urges. He mocks Grey’s vegetarianism, offers her absinthe to drink, and pressures her to finish a song he claims his wife, who committed suicide, had begun. Grey develops a strong need for and consumption of meat, and her emotional void deepens. Her songwriting and performance, however, improve. Charlie wants them both to leave since the darkness is engulfing Grey, but Grey refuses.

Grey discovers that she has turned into a werewolf. She kills Charlie in a blackout after doing so. Grey encounters Vaughn later, who confesses that he, too, is a werewolf and that Grey is his daughter. He wasn’t sure before this since her mother, Greta, whom he had shot and killed in self-defense, had told Vaughn that their kid had died while he was away with his band for months at a time. Grey, who has finished her record, shoots Vaughn with a gun as he begins to shift into a werewolf.

The scene shifts back to Grey’s doctor’s office, where he closes her file and claims she’s having hallucinations. Grey performs her song “Bloodthirsty” on stage later, but there is no one in the audience. Grey recalls or imagines himself leaving the mansion, bloodied after slaying Vaughn.

Bloodthirsty  film Cast

  • Lauren Beatty as Grey Kessler
  • Greg Bryk as Vaughn Daniels
  • Katharine King So as Charlie
  • Judith Buchan as Vera
  • Michael Ironside as Dr. Swan
  • Jesse Gervais as Reporter
  • Jayce McKenzie as Hitchhiker

Bloodthirsty  film Wiki

  • Directed by Amelia Moses
  • Written by Wendy Hill-Tout
    Lowell Boland
  • Produced by Wendy Hill-Tout
    Michael Peterson
    Alan Bacchus
    David Bond
  • Starring Lauren Beatty
    Greg Bryk
    Katharine King So
  • Cinematography Charles Hamilton
    Edited by David Hiatt
    Music by Michelle Osis
    Lowell Boland
  • Production companies
    Voice Pictures
    775 Media Corp
  • Distributed by Raven Banner Entertainment
    Brainstorm Media
  • Release date
    October 1, 2020 (Fantastic Fest)
  • Running time 84 minutes
  • Country Canada
  • Language English

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