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Celestials Marvel comics

The Celestials are fictional characters who appear in Marvel Comics’ American comic novels. They first featured in Marvel magazines during the Bronze Age of Comic Books and have continued to do so for the past four decades. Their mythology claims that they are descendants of the earliest lifeforms formed in and by the original cosmos, and that they helped to establish the Marvel Multiverse, as well as the progression of life within it.

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Celestials Trailer

celestials marvel movie

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe live-action films Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017), and Eternals, the Celestials appear (2021).

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In Marvel Comics, the Celestials are an ancient and legendary race. They’ve mostly been mentioned in passing, but they do occasionally intervene in mortal lives, often with world-changing consequences. They were the ones that created the Eternals, battled the Avengers, and engaged with the X-Men. They are entities with godlike power, and their motivations are frequently enigmatic beyond comprehension. They’re one of the most fascinating aspects of the Marvel Universe, which is why this list will be updated with five more articles that go deeper into the lore of Marvel’s Celestials.

all celestials marvel

  1. Ego The Living Planet ;- While Ego was killed by the Guardians of the Galaxy, he is the Celestial with the most well-known feats. He also only lost because the Guardians were outmanned and had to aim for his weak area rather than fighting him fairly.
  2. One Above All ;- This Celestial is the leader of his race’s other members. He doesn’t say much since he prefers to let his towering legacy speak for itself. The One Above All has only been seen a few times, and when he is, he doesn’t say much other than to show the individual in question the answer they want.
  3. Tiamut ;- Tiamut has the most extensive history of any of the Marvel Universe’s Celestials. This is so vast that mentioning them all would be meaningless, but the simplest proof of his immense power is that Galactus, of all beings, is terrified of him.
  4. Exitar The Executioner ;-  Because of his involvement in killing worlds that the other Celestials feel unfit, he has been given the title of Executioner. Exitar isn’t a single creature; it’s a line of Celestials who take over Exitar’s mantle if the preceding one dies.
  5. Eson The Searcher ;- This Celestial was formidable in the comics, but he was also dead, making him one of the few Celestials who was genuinely defeated. We’ll be judging the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of this character, because Marvel thought he was important enough to be the only comic book Celestial to make the cut.
  6. Godhead ;- For twelve billion years, this Celestial guarded the planet Viscardi, and only moved when the planet’s inhabitants begged him to let them explore the rest of the cosmos. Godhead retaliated by generating a Black Vortex, whose strength was so great that only the Viscardi’s leader remained.
  7. Arishem The Judge ;- Arishem the Judge was the commander of the Four Hosts of Earth Celestials, and he was responsible for a flood known as “the Great Cataclysm” that nearly wiped out the Deviants. He also fought alongside the Watcher race in a Celestial conflict. In addition, he is one of the Celestials who choose which worlds to annihilate.
  8. Zgreb ;- Who was the Celestial against whom the Phoenix Force was defeated? Zgreb the Aspirant is who he is. This Celestial was also known as “The Fallen,” a crazy creature on the lookout for his lover and unconcerned about the havoc he wreaked.
  9. The Celestial Destructor ;- The Celestial Destructor is a member of the “Aspirants” species of Celestial. Their red-and-black armor distinguishes them from other Celestials. The Celestial Destructor was dispatched by the First Firmament, the very first reality to ever exist, to destroy the eighth iteration of Eternity that arose from the Secret Wars (2015).
  10. The Celestial Madonna ;- The other Celestial Madonna, to be precise. This Celestial Madonna, unlike Mantis of the Avengers, arrived on Earth in the year 114 AD. The Celestial Madonna was pregnant with a mighty child, and she was aware that the delivery would destroy her. The child, on the other hand, would require nourishment. The Celestial Madonna, as a result, flew into the sun and gave birth to the Star Child.
  11. Phoenix Force ;- The nature of the Phoenix Force varies from story to story, but it is widely acknowledged as being related with cosmic powers, which classifies it as a Celestial in many renditions. We’ll look at the Jean Grey version because the Phoenix Force’s most powerful variants are well ahead of Celestials.
  12. Apocalypse ;- This one, obviously, blurs the borders a bit, but Apocalypse is a living evolutionary agent. In addition, his armor is made with Celestial technology. He is one of the first mutants and one of the most powerful beings to emerge from the planet. His mutant abilities are numerous, varied, and ever-expanding. He’s been interested in creating a mutant school of magic since the beginning of the Krakoan country.
  13. Star-Lord ;- When Star-full Lord’s powers were unleashed in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, he never got to use them, but it was a testament to his power that he was able to bring Ego to a halt (although he did have help).
  14. The Progenitor ;- The Progenitor was an Alpha Celestial that landed billions of years ago on the primordial Earth. When the cosmic Horde got to our earth, the Progenitor was infected and died.
  15. Gamiel The Manipulator ;- While practically all of the Celestials have similar levels of power, Gamiel is without a doubt the weakest of them all. He possesses the standard Celestial abilities, yet he is the newest member of his species. As a result, he was tasked with keeping an eye on Earth.


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