Dear Evan Hansen Film, wiki, release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Storyline

Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen Film

Dear Evan Hansen is a coming-of-age stage musical Steven Levenson wrote the song, which features Benj Pasek and Justin Paul’s music and lyrics. The musical premiered on Broadway at the Music Box Theatre in December 2016 after a world premiere at the Arena Stage in Washington, D.C. in July 2015 and an off-Broadway engagement at Second Stage Theatre from March to May 2016.

At the 71st Tony Awards, it was nominated for nine Tony Awards, winning six of them, including Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical for Ben Platt, Best Featured Actress in a Musical for Rachel Bay Jones, Best Musical, and Best Score.

On September 24, 2021, a Universal Pictures film adaptation, co-produced by Marc Platt, Ben Platt’s father (who reprises his portrayal in the lead character), and directed by Stephen Chbosky, will be released.

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Dear Evan Hansen Film Release Date

On September 24, 2021, it was set to be released.

Dear Evan Hansen Film Storyline

Plot Summary

Evan Hansen is a shy adolescent with social anxiety. Dr. Sherman, his therapist, suggests that he write letters to himself highlighting the positive aspects of each day. Heidi, his mother, proposes that he establish friends by asking people to sign the cast on his arm. Cynthia and Larry Murphy, as well as their daughters Zoe and Connor, make up the rich Murphy family. (“Anybody Have a Map?”) Cynthia and Heidi question how to communicate with their sons.

Evan meets Alana, a bright classmate, and Jared, his sole family friend, at school. Alana and Jared are both aware of his broken arm, yet none of them sign the cast. Evan then collides with Connor, who assumes Evan is making fun of him and pushes Evan to the ground. Evan develops a crush on Connor’s sister Zoe, who feels forced to apologize for her brother’s actions. Evan is unsure if this is his life’s path. “Waving Through a Window,” as the song goes.

Evan sends himself a letter, wondering if anyone would notice if he wasn’t there. Because his crush on Zoe is the one thing that makes him happy (“Waving Through a Window” [Reprise #1]), he puts all of his hope in her. He runs across Connor once more, who offers to sign Evan’s cast. Connor discovers Evan’s letter on the printer and reads it, becoming enraged when he sees the mention of Zoe, believing Evan intended for him to see the letter in order to mock him. He dashes out, clutching the letter.

On The Connor Project’s website, Evan and Alana offer a $50,000 fundraising concept to reopen the abandoned apple orchard.  on the other hand, Evans gets involved with his new relationship with Zoe and his newfound Murphy family, to the point where he neglects his mother, Jared, and The Connor Project

Heidi questions Evan about why he kept The Connor Project and his friendship with Connor a secret from her. He retorts angrily that he didn’t have time because she is never present. He rushes off to the Murphys, overcome with emotion, where Evan bonds with Larry and confides in him about his childhood. Larry tosses him Connor’s old, unused baseball glove (“To Break In a Glove”). Later, when Evan brings up Connor, Zoe tells him that she wants their relationship to be about the two of them, not about Connor (“Only Us”).

People feel the Murphys are to blame for Connor’s death, and they have received a barrage of abusive comments as a result. Evan walks in on the Murphys arguing about why Connor murdered himself, devastated. Evan admits to lying because he wanted a genuine relationship with them. Larry turns away from Evan in disdain as Zoe and her mother leave. Evan is alone once more, absorbing his apparent brokenness as unavoidable (“Words Fail”).

Heidi comes across the letter on the internet and knows it as one of Evan’s treatment assignments. Evan dismisses her guilt due to his dishonesty, but she apologizes to him for not recognizing how terribly he had been hurting. He equivocally confesses that his fall from the tree was an attempt at suicide. Heidi remembers the day his father left, and she worried about how she would care for Evan. Heidi pledges, “So Big / So Small,” that she will always be there for him when he needs her.

Evan is still at home a year later, working as Pottery Barn to raise enough money to attend college the next semester. He reaches out to Zoe, whom he hasn’t seen since learning the truth, and invites her to see him. She insists that they meet at Connor’s orchard, which has been reopened in his honor. He expresses sorry for the hurt he has caused and thanks to her and her parents for keeping his secret safe. She forgives him, believing that the tragedy brought her family closer together because of it. They share a brief moment together before parting ways. Evan writes a final letter to himself in which he considers his impact on his community and, in the end, embraces himself (“Finale”).

Dear Evan Hansen Film Cast

  • Evan Hansen as Ben Platt
  • Heidi Hansen as Rachel Bay Jones
  • Zoe Murphy as Laura Dreyfuss
  • Cynthia Murphy as Jennifer Laura Thompson
  • Larry Murphy as Michael Park
  • Connor Murphy as Mike Faist
  • Alana Beck as  Erin Wilhelmi
  • Jared Kleinman as Will Roland

Dear Evan Hansen Film Wiki

  • Music by Benj Pasek
    Justin Paul
  • Lyrics by Benj Pasek
    Justin Paul
  • Book by Steven Levenson
  • Premiere on  July 10, 2015: Arena Stage, Washington
  • Productions 2015 Washington
    2016 Off-Broadway
    2016 Broadway
    2018 US Tour
    2019 West End
  • Awards Tony Award for Best Musical
    Tony Award for Best Book of a Musical
    Tony Award for Best Original Score
    Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album
    Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Lyrics
    Obie Award for Musical Theatre
    Drama League Award for Outstanding Production of a Broadway or Off-Broadway Production
    Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Musical
    Laurence Olivier Award for Best Original Score or New Orchestrations

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