Echoes of Violence (2021)

Echoes of Violence 

Echoes of Violence

Echoes of Violence is an American Thriller movie directed and Written by Nicholas Wood.  An immigrant travels from Sedona to Los Angeles looking for revenge upon the immigration lawyer who ruined her life. 

This thriller is a low-key one at first that seems to head more into drama territory as the leads meet in unlucky circumstances and neither knows if they can trust the other. Echoes of violence will have its much-anticipated World  premiere as part of the dramatic feature at the 2021 Cinequest movie and Creativity Festival, following essentially from March 20th -30th

Nicholas Woods’s feature-length essay, Echoes Of Violence, wears its powers of Tarantino and Miike contemptuously on its non-narrow, blood-soaked sleeves. Each episode introduces a new character or shows a display from someone else’s aspect. Happily, the writer-director brings enough creativity and style to the steps that it never feels like a rip-off.

Heston Harwin is selling a spacious office in Arizona. A possible buyer has to reschedule so that he can check a few things about the property’s grounds. he hears a woman screaming. Alex goes to check and sees a bloodied man pointing a gun at a lady clearly trying to run away from him. The real estate agent assists the woman, Michaella Russell though the perpetrator gets away.

As she’s recovering from the ordeal, Marakya tells Alex that she’s escaping from a sex trafficker, Taylor Flowers. he Moved to action by her story and he gets a threatening call from Chase Cargill, the man from earlier, Alex is decided to help Marakya. and the couple, who are obviously attracted to each other, take on an entire mob and survive? Echoes Of Violence tells us an exciting story full of well-defined characters. Woods stylishly directs a solid cast, which controls the action hits well. Sit back and enjoy the exhilarating ride

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