Eye Without a Face

Eye Without a Face

Eye Without a Face

Eye Without a Face is a thriller movie about a young man living who hacks webcams of young women is a story of a man called Dakota Shapiro that used to spend his days spying on women by hacking their webcams, new thriller Eye Without a Face is built from the cast-offs of excellent films: the title from Eyes Without a Face, the basic premise from Rear Window and the lewd-across plot from various works of Brian De Palma. Recognizing how much of the time is spent watching strangers on a PC, a better title would have been Rear Windows.

There are three representational factors at play here: women, men, and mental illness. The women use their time reposing around in underwear and the men are all creeps – violent. Even Henry’s likable housemate Eric (Luke Cook) engages in plenty of underhanded behavior. most problem is Henry spying on people, among other questionable side effects.

All of this will be excusable in a concept thriller if properly handled, but the execution by Iranian director Ramin Niami and his daughter Tara Violet Niami fails to increase the pressure a shame regarding the promising Glitchcockian plan. The story is silly when Henry doing nothing after he sees the women facing trouble, despite seeing himself as their guardian. Do guardians take Sundays off? Because the observer is closer to the truth.

The film successfully presents its two leads as actors. The introverted Henry spies on women at the same time as calling their boyfriends creeps, and the extroverted Eric decries fake accounts influencers while being one himself. Eric’s life is as Henry can only dream of, making the point that real life is out there. It’s a valid analysis of incels and trolls, not so much panic attack prone agoraphobics.

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