Hell Hath no Fury 2021 Trailer, Release Date, Cast & plot Summary

Hell hath no fury

Hell Hath no Fury 2021

Hell hath no fury is a 1991 American thriller drama film directed by Thomas J. Wright and written by Beau Bensink. It is based on a novel by B.W.Battins called Smithereens. It is about a housewife who is framed for her husband’s killing and terrorized by the insane woman who killed him. Hell hath no fury originally premiered on March 4 1991 on NBC Monday Night at the movies.

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Hell Hath no Fury Trailer


Hell Hath no Fury Release date

This film was originally released on March 4 1991. It is to be re-released on 5 November 2021.


Hell Hath no Fury Cast

  • Barbara Eden as Terri Ferguson
  • Loretta Swit as Connie Stewart
  • David Ackroyd as Stanley Ferguson
  • Amanda Peterson as Michelle Ferguson
  • Kim Zimmer as Marlene
  • Richard Kline as Milton
  • Stephen Lee as Bruce Gossitter
  • Vernee Watson-Johnson as Tyleen

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Hell Hath no Fury Plot

Eden is a housewife who is married to a respected businessman and a popular one at that named Ackroyd who also has a relationship with her college aged daughter Amanda. Her ‘perfect world’ is shattering when her husband is murdered and she finds herself as the main suspect in the murder. She is the helpless victim of Loretta, an insane woman and ex college rival of Eden who is the real murderer and ex lover  of her husband.

This woman blames Eden of stealing Ackroyd away from her many years ago and plans a psychotic revenge against her. With no one else to turn to and the police on her trail determined to arrest her for the murder, she has to prove her innocence and battle Loretta.


Hell Hath no Fury Wiki

Directed by  Thomas J. Wright

Written by  Beau Bensink

Produced  by Pat Finnegan

Edited by  Scott Eyler

Cast    Barbara Eden, Loretta Swit, David Ackroyd, Amanda Peterson, Kim Zimmer, Richard Kline

Original Language  English

Year  2021

Original country    United States

Running time   97 minutes

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