Honeydew (Movie)

honey dew


Honeydew is a 2020 American horror movie released in the US on March 12, 2021. written and directed by Devereux Milburn, It received generally both negative and positive reviews from critics. Sam and his girlfriend Rylie have traveled to rural New England to study an outbreak of an ergot-type parasite called “sordico” that has been crushing local farms. They camp on a farm after their car breaks down, but old farmer Eulis, saying to be the landowner, asks them to leave. Sam and Rylie return to their car to notices its battery died, leaving them stranded. They seek help at a nearby farmhouse and meets Karen, a strange old woman, and her supposed son Gunni, who is mute, partly catatonic, constantly watching vintage cartoons, and wears bandages around his head. Karen explains Gunni’s bizarre behavior by insisting a bull kicked him in the head.

Sam and Rylie obtain to find themselves restricted on a raised platform and wearing breathing masks connected to gas tanks. Karen, Eulis, and Gunni eat at a lark table under the couple. Driven mad from sordico and supporting their lifestyle through a mistake of God’s will, Karen says that she and Eulis became cannibals to counterbalance crops turning bad. Karen additionally unveils that she and Eulis “adopt” unwilling members to feed on. Gunni is reported to have been a random hunter who was lobotomized before Karen and Eulis began cutting off body parts like his cheeks to eat. Karen and Eulis open a crate including Delilah, a lobotomized woman without limbs whom they call their daughter. Karen and Eulis force Delilah to eat Gunni’s cooked rump flesh.

a cop unexpectedly interrupts. when Karen and Eulis apportion with the police officer, Sam talks Gunni into freeing him and Rylie. After the cop left, Karen and Eulis catch Sam, Rylie, and Gunni trying to escape. Gunni dies after falling into an animal trap. Karen remembers Sam and Rylie. Sometime later, Rylie is seen in Gunni’s seat at Karen’s table. Rylie is lobotomized, wearing head dressings from having her cheeks eaten, and is visibly pregnant too. In the basement, Sam is seen converted into a semi-sentient body like Delilah. After feeding them, Karen forces Sam and Delilah to have sex.

List of Honeydew movie stars
. Sawyer Spielberg,
. Malin Barr,
. Barbara Kingsley.

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