Midnight Mass (TV series) Release date, cast, trailer, Preview and Wiki

Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass (TV series)

Midnight Mass is an American supernatural horror streaming television series for Netflix, which he produced and directed. Zach Gilford, Kate Siegel, and Hamish Linklater are among the cast members.

The story revolves around a little island town that is visited by a strange priest, who brings with him supernatural phenomena. On September 24, 2021, the series will be released on Netflix.

Midnight Mass Release Date

On September 24, 2021, the series will be released on Netflix.

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Midnight Mass Storyline


Midnight Mass is set on Crockett Island, a remote area where weird miracles are afoot following the arrival of a new priest. Things shift for the better and then for the worst, putting faith to the test.

Midnight Mass Series Cast

  • Hamish Linklater as Father Paul
  • Zach Gilford as Riley Flynn
  • Kate Siegel as Erin Greene
  • Samantha Sloyan as Bev Keane
  • Rahul Kohli as Sheriff Hassan

Midnight Mass Series Review

The beauty of Midnight Mass is undeniable. By “beautiful,” I mean spine-chilling, scary, and deeply moving. Every character is put to the test in terms of loss, death, rebirth, and eternal life, and what comes out on the other side is sure to surprise you.

Mike Flanagan is a man with a lot of tricks under his sleeve. The Haunting Of Hill House was inspired by a family tragedy, Bly Manor was a love story at its heart, and now Midnight Mass is a terrifying thriller based on our religious beliefs. Its complexity comes from its characters and their redemption journeys.

We meet Riley (Zach Gilford), a successful businessman who has recently killed a woman with his automobile. This is a typical case of drunk driving, and as one would assume, this incident takes everything away from him. His life is reduced to guilt, and he spends the next four years in prison. He returns to his house on Crockett Island, unsure of what he wants to do. Seagulls scream everywhere there is land, and boundless waves cover the beaches all around.

This town exudes tremendous loneliness, which is beyond spooky, due to its vast lack of population. As a result, the residents of this town attend church every Sunday and make their faith in God their life’s mission. Father Paul (Hamish Linklater) graces the island with his presence and brings miracles with him after Monsignor Pruitt, Crockett’s long-time priest, departs on his travels. And there’s a bizarre and cruel price to pay for every miracle.

Midnight Mass moves at a steady pace, never chewing more than it can consume. It’s a gradual burn with a laid-back vibe, but that’s not how I’d describe the show. Everyone on this little island serves a role, even if they are unaware of it. In this seven-episode run, they all get the chance to experience introspection, retrospection, and catharsis. There are monologues that are both existential and pitch black in nature.

Riley’s (Kaye Siegel) entire personality is a product of her terrible and messy history, whereas Erin Greene’s (Kaye Siegel) entire personality is a product of her cruel and messy past. Sheriff Hassan (Rahul Kohli) is a Muslim cop who can’t get away with prejudice and Islamophobia, even on Crockett Island. All of these characters have a past and a present, and the plot unravels everything piece by piece as it progresses. It’s challenging to navigate at first, but perseverance pays off with each redemption.

A speech on death delivered by two characters impacted me more deeply than anything else I’d seen in a long time, and this wouldn’t have been possible if the performances weren’t up to pace with the script’s goals. In times of need, Hamish Linklater’s priest gives comfort, and in his alone, he brings secrets and ambivalence. Despite the fact that he, along with Riley and Erin Greene, are the story’s central characters, Samantha Sloyan’s Bev Keane takes center stage on numerous occasions.

Every story needs an antagonist, and Bev Keene’s racist beliefs and severe narcissism make it all the easier to dislike someone in a story about folks with a shaky moral compass and no control over their lives. I was blown away by how well the cinematography and production design conveyed the feeling of exclusion and loneliness. However, because this is a VFX-heavy program, there were occasions when shots appeared a little far-fetched and underdone. It has some strange color tone issues that feel out of place at times, but nothing that will distract you from the lonely Crockett Island.

Midnight Mass Wiki

Genre Drama, Supernatural & Horror
Created by Mike Flanagan
Directed by Mike Flanagan
Kate Siegel
Zach Gilford
Kristin Lehman
Samantha Sloyan
Igby Rigney
Rahul Kohli
Annarah Cymone
Annabeth Gish
Alex Essoe
Rahul Abburi
Matt Biedel
Michael Trucco
Crystal Balint
Louis Oliver
Henry Thomas
Hamish Linklater
Country of origin United States
Original language English
Executive producers
Jeff Howard
Trevor Macy
Mike Flanagan
Production company Intrepid Pictures

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