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Mogul Mowgli

Mogul Mowgli 2020 Film

Mogul Mowgli is a drama film directed by Bassam Tariq and written by Tariq and Riz Ahmed that will be released in 2020.  Aiysha Hart, Alyy Khan, Sudha Bhuchar, Nabhaan Rizwan, and Anjana Vasan star alongside Ahmed. It narrates the story of a sickness that kills a British-Pakistani rapper.

The film had its global premiere in the Panorama section of the 70th Berlin International Film Festival on February 21, 2020, and was produced by Pulse Films. BFI Distribution released it in the United Kingdom on October 30, 2020, and Strand Releasing released it in the United States on September 3, 2021.

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Mogul Mowgli Release Date

On February 21, 2020, the film had its international premiere in the Panorama section of the 70th Berlin International Film Festival. The film’s U.K. distribution rights were acquired by BFI Distribution in August 2020. On October 30, 2020, it was launched in the United Kingdom.

It was screened as part of the Vilcek Foundation’s New American Perspectives program at the Hawai’i International Film Festival in November 2020. Strand Releasing bought the film’s U.S. distribution rights in December 2020.  On September 3, 2021, it was released in the United States.

Mogul Mowgli Storyline

Plot Summary & Review

Zed is a New York-based rapper who is British-Pakistani. He is diagnosed with a degenerative autoimmune condition just before his European tour begins. In London, he visits his Pakistani family.

Onstage at a New York club, we first meet Zaheen, whose rap alias is Zed. After years of almost stardom, Zed is on the precipice of a career breakthrough. Wiry and wired, with a whispery intensity and a fast sense of humor — and played with all Riz Ahmed has — Zed is on the verge of a career breakthrough. He’s also about to break up with Bina (Aiysha Hart) and deal with an illness that will cause him to have an identity problem.

However, listening to the poems he spits reveals that the difficulties and paradoxes of identity are the wellsprings of his art. He creates angry, humorous rhymes on the difficult history of the skin he lives in, as a London-bred son of Pakistani immigrants. He’s a British citizen descended from colonial subjects; a Muslim dubious of piety and tradition; a man of the twenty-first century burdened by the legacy of partition, displacement, and violence from a previous period.

Nothing about Zed is straightforward, and he relishes his own complication. Bassam Tariq’s smart, condensed fictional feature debut, “Mogul Mowgli,” is a portrayal of the artist as a son, brother, and patient. Not that he’s defined by these or any other roles. He raps, “Only a few fit those words, therefore I’m repping for the rest of us.”

The role is properly represented by Ahmed, who authored the lyrics (and cooperated with Tariq on the screenplay). Because of Zed’s illness, “Mogul Mowgli” is a sort of companion piece to Ahmed’s performance in “Sound of Metal,” in which he played a drummer dealing with the existential dilemma of hearing loss. Midway through the film, Zed develops an autoimmune condition that renders him unable to walk or stand without assistance. He is thrust back into a tough relationship with his father (the outstanding Alyy Khan) and into a sequence of reveries while stuck in a hospital bed.

These unsettling episodes, which reside between dream and memory, imagination and hallucination, resurrect memories from Zed’s youth as well as historical horrors from South Asia. A madly dancing man with his face veiled by flower garlands is a recurring character. Toba Tek Singh is his name, a Punjabi place name that is also the subject of a short novel (by Saadat Hasan Manto) about the absurdity and tragedy of British India’s 1947 partition into India and Pakistan. Rather than explaining the reference, Tariq and Ahmed let Toba Tek Singh serve as a type of avatar and warning for Zed, who does his best to make sense of his situation.

The movie proceeds quickly through the several stages of his crisis. He has a falling out with his manager (Anjana Vasan), has to deal with an unpleasant fan, and has to put up with the admiration of RPG (Nabhaan Rizwan), a young rap devotee with facial tattoos and wisdom that would make Ali G proud. (“Without Whoopi Goldberg, there is no Drake.”) Without apartheid, there would be no Nelson Mandela.”)

Tariq blends family drama, satire, and magical realism into the tissue of emotions and meanings with the help of the director of photography (Annika Summerson) and sound designer (Paul Davies), all held together by Ahmed’s shattering credibility. Zed’s work aims to restore order to the befuddling anarchy of experience.

Mogul Mowgli Cast

  • Riz Ahmed as Zed
  • Aiysha Hart as Bina
  • Alyy Khan as Bashir
  • Sudha Bhuchar as Nasra
  • Nabhaan Rizwan as RPG
  • Anjana Vasan as Vaseem
  • Hussain Manawer as Bilal
  • Kiran Sonia Sawar as Asma
  • Jeff Mirza as Ghulab Mian

Mogul Mowgli Wiki

  • Directed by Bassam Tariq
  • Written by
    Bassam Tariq
    Riz Ahmed
  • Produced by
    Riz Ahmed
    Thomas Benski
    Bennett McGhee
    Michael Peay
  • Starring
    Riz Ahmed
    Aiysha Hart
    Alyy Khan
    Sudha Bhuchar
    Nabhaan Rizwan
    Anjana Vasan
  • Cinematography Anika Summerson
  • Edited by
    Adam Biskupski
    Hazel Baillie
    Music by Paul Corley
  • Production companies
    Pulse Films
    Left Handed Films
    BBC Films
    VICE Studios
    RYOT Films
    Silvertown Films
  • Distributed by
    BFI Distribution (United Kingdom)
    Strand Releasing (United States)
  • Release date
    February 21, 2020 (Berlin)
    October 30, 2020 (United Kingdom)
    September 3, 2021 (United States)
  • Running time 90 minutes
  • Countries
    United States
    United Kingdom
  • Language English
  • Box office $123,601

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