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Moonbound Movie 2021

Moonbound is a computer-animated film directed by Ali Samadi Ahadi that will be released in 2021 in Germany and Austria. MOONBOUND tells the story of little Pete, who begins on an exciting trip with June bug Mr. Zoomzeman and the Sandman to save his tiny sister from the wicked Moon Man, based on one of Germany’s most popular children’s books.

Moonbound Movie Release Date

Moonbound was Release on 6 August 2021

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Moonbound Movie Storyline

Plot Summary & Review

Peter (or Petie, as his mother and sister name him) has recently moved into a new home with his mother and sister, but he is forced to share a room with his younger sister. Peter thinks his younger sister has an overactive yet bothersome imagination. We also discover that Peter aspires to be an astronaut like his father, who tragically perished during a voyage to the moon. On the other hand, we come across a family of dune bugs who live outside Peter’s home. These bugs have a horrible history involving their loved ones and their ruined habitat.

They have clung to a prophecy about a decent human who will make their lives better. The only catch is that the selected individual mentioned in the prophecy will have to travel to the moon!

When Peter’s sister discovers the bugs outdoors and learns of the mission that has been assigned to her and Peter, she tells him everything, but Peter dismisses her as making up lies. While Peter sleeps again, his younger sister accepts the mission to journey to the moon on her own. Peter soon realizes that his little sister has gone missing, and he embarks on his own rescue adventure, traveling to the moon to seek her.

Moonbound is most accurately classified as a fantasy adventure film, with many fairy tale aspects throughout. Moonbound is based on a popular children’s novel from Germany, for those who are unaware. The on-screen animation is quite delightful, and it seems like it came straight out of a children’s book—the color is constantly bright, clear, and pleasant. Along with the animation, there is a high level of inventiveness and imagination, which makes it a fun family film to watch.

Peter quickly realizes that not only can he save his sister, but he can also accomplish what his father has always desired. Along the way, Peter meets a slew of amusing and bizarre characters who help him on his trip. Given that it is a family film, the on-screen humor is to be expected and is appropriate for a young audience. Slapstick or stupid gags like shooting stars needing to go to the bathroom are just a few examples of the film’s inventiveness and attempt at brainless entertainment for all ages. While the jokes did not make me laugh out loud, I am convinced that many family audiences would like the plot and humor.

Overall, this is a well-animated family picture with a lot of fun features connected to creativity and a fantastical universe. The narrative is excellent, taking family viewers on a lighthearted, entertaining, and brainless trip to the moon. It is undeniably an animation with fresh fantasy elements that promises a good time on the big screen. This is one family movie that is really beyond my expectations.

Moonbound Movie Cast

  • Lilian Gartner (voice)
  • Elisabeth Kanettis (voice)
  • Aleks Le (voice)

Moonbound Movie Wiki

  • Directed by Ali Samadi Ahadi
  • Written by Ali Samadi Ahadi, Arne Nolting
  • Release date
    24 June 2021
  • Countries Germany, Austria
  • Language English

Moonbound Official Trailer

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