No One Gets Out Alive, Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Storyline & wiki

No One Gets Out Alive

No One Gets Out Alive Movie 2021

No One Gets Out Alive is a British horror film directed by Santiago Menghini in 2021, based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Adam Nevill and written by Jon Croker and Fernanda Coppel. Cristina Rodlo and Marc Menchaca feature in the film. Netflix premiered it on September 29, 2021.

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No One Gets Out Alive Release Date

Netflix released it on September 29, 2021.

No One Gets Out Alive Storyline

Plot Summary & Review

Following the death of her mother, Ambar, an undocumented Mexican immigrant, relocates to Cleveland. She used to care for her sick mother and could never live a regular life because her mother was always unwell until she moved to the United States to help her. She discovers a run-down boarding house operated by Red, who requires the first month’s rent in advance, which Ambar pays from a financial reserve she appears to have set aside for her relocation. Strange things begin to happen to her both inside and outside of the new boarding house. She gives the rest of her savings to a coworker in order to get a phony ID that will allow her to keep her job. Her coworker had betrayed her.

Ambar is obliged to call Red because he can’t get help from Beto, a distant cousin, and he doesn’t want to return to the house after the visions. Red pledges to repay her deposit if she returns to the house, but only if she returns to the house, as he claims he does not have enough cash on him. Ambar confronts Red when they return to the boarding house since the money is not in her room as promised. Ambar is forced into her room by Red’s brother, Becker, and she locks herself inside. In the room with her are two other Romanian women who live in the boarding home.

Beto comes seeking for her as Red and his brother, Becker, plan to take the women down to the basement, but Becker kills her. Red is ordered by Becker to “prepare” her and the other girls. Red explains that his father was an archeologist who returned from one of his expeditions with a stone box. Red’s father, together with his mother, Mary, was inspired by the box to trap and murder women (the ghosts that Ambar has seen throughout the house). After a while, Red and Becker returned home and saw what their father had done. Red desired to depart, while Becker preferred to remain.

Becker’s health improved as a result of surrendering women to the box. As Becker drags Ambar down the basement, she fights back. Becker binds Ambar to a stone table in front of the shrine, which houses the box. Becker opens the box and exits the room after tying her up, closing the door behind him. Ambar begins to dream about her dying mother, while a creature slowly emerges from the box and tries to eat Ambar’s head. Ambar is able to wake herself up in the dream by killing her mother, which leads the monster to withdraw back into the box. Ambar overhears Becker and Red organizing a sacrifice for one of the other immigrant women.

She goes upstairs, grabbing an old weapon from the study. Becker attacks her after she injures Red. He kills the other immigrant woman who attempts to help. Amber then uses the ancient weapon to kill Becker. She hears Red walking around in the next room and follows him downstairs, tying him to the stone table, where the monster eats off his head, killing him. She believes she has nothing left as she walks out the door, but she is miraculously cured after sacrificing Red to the creature in the box. Red appears as a ghost in the background.

No One Gets Out Alive Cast 2021

  • Marc Menchaca as Red
  • Cristina Rodlo as Ambar
  • Victoria Alcock as Mary
  • David Figlioli as Becker
  • David Barrera as Beto
  • Joana Borja as Simona
  • Alejandro Akara as Carlos
  • Jose Palma as Immigrant Smuggler
  • Mitchell Mullen as Rilles
  • Vala Noren as Freja
  • Jeff Mirza as Motel Manager
  • Ioana Barbu as Waitress
  • Moronke Akinola as Kinsi
  • Baba Oyejide as Cop
  • Pepa Duarte as Immigrant Woman
  • Cheherezade Okotaka Ebale as Worker
  • Sonny Ciarlillo as Pedestrian (uncredited)

No One Gets Out Alive Wiki

  • Directed by Santiago Menghini
  • Screenplay by
    Jon Croker
    Fernanda Coppel
  • Story by Jon Croker
  • Based on No One Gets Out Alive
    by Adam Nevill
  • Produced by
    Jonathan Cavendish
    Will Tennant
  • Starring
    Cristina Rodlo
    Marc Menchaca
  • Cinematography Stephen Murphy
  • Edited by Mark Towns
  • Music by Mark Korven
  • Production company
    The Imaginarium
  • Distributed by Netflix
    Release date
    29 September 2021
  • Running time 85 minutes
  • Country United Kingdom
  • Language English

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