One Four Three (2021) Trailer, Release Date, Cast & Plot Summary

One four three-2021

One Four Three 2021

One four three[2021] is a thriller film written and directed by Jade Winters. It is about a girl named Genevieve who enters into a lesbian relationship with Rebecca, leaving her fiancé and family totally devastated. Unfortunately a violent attack by an unknown assailant leaves her in hospital with amnesia. With nothing left to lose, she embarks on a dangerous task of uncovering her identity and who attacked her.

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One Four Three Release Date

This film is set to be released on 1 December 2021.

One Four Three Storyline

Genevieve’s parents are still in shock after discovering that their daughter is a lesbian and she is no longer interested in her relationship with Paul let alone marry him. Her family rejects her and she embarks on a new life where she meets Rebecca and ends up falling in love with her. She has never been happier in her life.

While investigating a bad attack on Genevieve along the banks of River Thames, D.C Isabella Smith first meets the couple. Unfortunately her investigation hits rock bottom when Genevieve regains consciousness and cannot remember her identity, the woman she lover or her attack.

With nothing else to do Rebecca reluctantly lets Genevieve return to her parents. Her parents on the other hand take advantage of this and try to steer her in the right path of life, marry Paul her ex fiance and one that does not include Rebecca.

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One Four Three Cast

Ella McCready as Genevieve

Ellouise Shakespeare-Hart as Rebecca

Rory Grant as Paul

Amanda Bray as Elsie

Steve Lorrigan as Eddie

One Four Three Wiki

Directed by  Jade Winters

Written by  Jade Winters

Produced by   Alex Hogben

Edited by  Emmalie El Fadli and Njuguna Mwangi

Cast  Ella McCready, Ellouise Shakespeare-Hart, Rory Grant, Amanda Bray

Music by  David John Bartlett

Year   2020

Run time  75 minutes

Language   English

 Country   United Kingdom


One Four Three Trailer


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