PLAN A (Movie) cast, Storyline, trailer and Release Dates

plan a

PLAN A (Movie)

Plan a is a movie Based on a true story. In 1945, a group of Jewish destruction survivors planned to poison the water system in Germany, back 6 million Germans. The film tells the dangerous and fearless secret operation which was called “PLAN A”

Release Dates

Japan 23 July 2021
USA 1 August 2021 (San Francisco Jewish Film Festival)


. Yoel Rozenkier as Yochai
. Barbara Bauer as Clemens Wife
. Amitai Kedar as Ephraim Katzir
. Ulrike von Gawlowski as the Neighbor woman
. Yossi Behar as Aharon Katzir
. Eckhard Preuß as Clemens


The movie was produced by Skady Lis, Minu Barati, Chilik Michaeli, and Avraham Pirchi, written by Doron Paz and Yoav Paz, and directed by Yoav Paz, Doron Paz. The movie was released on 23 July 2021 in japan.

Variety was given an exclusive first look at the worldwide trailer for Holocaust vengeance flick “Plan A.” August Diehl (“A Hidden Life,” “Inglourious Basterds”), Sylvia Hoeks (“Blade Runner 2049,” “The Girl in the Spider’s Web”), Nikolai Kinski (“The Barbarians”), and Michael Aloni (“Shitsel”) feature in the English-language drama, which is based on a true story.

Menemsha Films in North America, Signature in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, New Select in Japan, Twelve Oaks Pictures in Spain, NOS Lusomundo in Portugal, Daniel Entertainment in Korea, and CaiChang in Taiwan will release the film directed by Yoav and Doron Paz (“Phobidilia,” “The Golem”). Global Screen has negotiated more area sales, which will be disclosed soon.

The film is set in 1945 in Germany and follows Holocaust survivor Max (Diehl) as he meets a group of Jewish vigilantes. Together, they devise a horrible scheme to exact monstrous retaliation against the German people for the Holocaust: poisoning Germany’s water supply and killing 6 million Germans. The film is based on Israeli historian Dina Porat’s book “Nakam.”#

The directors stated in a statement that they aimed to answer some questions after interviewing the real-life conspirators known as “The Avengers.” “In this novel, their antagonism is the dramatic motor that captivated us. Are you capable of taking on the role of the monster? Is it possible for you to go on after your entire family was murdered? What are your thoughts on vengeance – killing and destroying? Or do you want to celebrate life by creating something new?”

“We feel that ‘Plan A’ is a fascinating factual narrative about the most primitive and natural human urge – pure revenge,” they continued. It offers a fresh viewpoint on the Holocaust and challenges the spectator with strong feelings of vengeance, justice, and morality.”

Skady Lis of Getaway Pictures and Minu Barati of Jooyaa Film in Germany produce “Plan A,” and Chilik Michaeli and Avraham Pirchi of UCM in Israel coproduce.

Plan A official trailer

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