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Prey (2021 film)

Prey is a German POS film starring David Kross, Hanno Koffler, and Maria Ehrich that was directed and written by Thomas Sieben in 2021. Netflix premiered it on September 10, 2021.

Prey Release Date

It was released on Netflix on September 10, 2021

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Prey Storyline


Roman decides to go hiking in the woods for his bachelor’s celebration. Vincent, Stephan, and Peter, as well as his brother Albert, are accompanying him. The five males appear to be excellent buddies having a nice time at first. They dismiss gunshots as hunters when they hear them. The next time the shot is fired, though, one of them is left bleeding and injured.

The men quickly realize they are being hunted like prey by a sharpshooter hidden in plain sight. They are absolutely desperate and lost without a car to escape and no network on their phones. They soon find themselves traveling through the woods, dodging gunfire while also dealing with growing tensions among themselves.

Prey Movie Cast

  • David Kross as Roman
  • Hanno Koffler as Albert
  • Robert Finster as Peter
  • Klaus Steinbacher as Stefan
  • Yung Ngo as Vincent
  • Livia Matthes as Lisa
  • Maria Ehrich as Eva

Prey Movie Review

Prey establishes a tone and a vibe for itself right from the start, and it never strays from it. The spooky music, tight silences, and a small number of people in each shot give the viewers a sensation of both anxiety and intrigue. The majority of the scenes in the film are shot in the woods, which adds to the film’s eerie atmosphere. However, a number of sequences shot elsewhere are equally disturbing.

Even scenes that appear to be happy memories are unsettling, leaving you with the impression that not everything is as it seems. It’s a successful attempt to stay loyal to the film’s general vibe, and it also serves as a foreshadowing for some important revelations later on.

I was a little perplexed by the film’s premise and first set-up. While a bachelor party with your buddies and brother in the most remote regions of the woods isn’t the most ridiculous notion any man has ever had, it’s hard to understand how everyone was on board. Stephan was the only character that appeared to enjoy being in tune with nature. Aside from him, we have a guy who is afraid of heights, a guy who has a lot to conceal from our groom-to-be, and a person who essentially wanted to spend the bachelor party at a bar or club, so it seems quite unlikely that Roman was able to convince them all to join him on this hiking trip willingly.

Furthermore, as the movie progresses, we learn that the guys aren’t the best of friends. Some friendships appear to be more of a compromise than anything else, while others feel as though they’ve only recently met. Their connection is a constant balancing act between formal and intimate. As the novel unfolds, the characters’ interactions become weirdly impersonal and even bitter at times. Yet, at first glance, they all appear to be the type of pals that would like doing banal and dumb activities with one another, such as rowboat racing (Hey, I don’t know. For some people, it might be entertaining).

Prey Movie Wiki

Directed by Thomas Sieben
Written by Thomas Sieben
David Kross
Hanno Koffler
Maria Ehrich
Production company
Senator Film Produktion
Distributed by Netflix
Release date 10 September 2021
Running time 87 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

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