Reminiscence (2021 film)


Reminiscence (2021 film)

Reminiscence is a 2021 american neo-noir science fiction thriller film was written and directed by lisa joy, and co-produced by her husband Jonathan Nolan, in her feature directorial debut. Starring Hugh jackman, Rebecca Ferguson, Thandiwe Newton, Cliff curtis, Marina de tavira and Daniel Wu, it follows a man who uses a mind reading machine to try and find his missing love.

Veterans Nicholas ‘nick’ Bannister and Emily ‘Watts Sanders operate a machina that relives memories. A walk in client, Mae, one day aproaches them seeking help to find her keys. Nick gets attracted to her, visits the club where she works and they hit it off.  Later Nick wakes up in his company’s sensory depriviation tank reliving his relaationship with Mae which could trap him in it forever.

Nick and Watts get hired by prosecutor Avery Castillo to retrive memories from a comatose suspect believed to have worked for a drug kingpin, Saint joe. In it Nick sees mae working in the club, she becomes Joe’s mistress, gets hooked up on ‘Baca,’ a highly addictive narcotic. The memory also has evidence that Mae, made hard by her addiction, stealing Saint Joe’s stash and fleeing town which devastates Nick.

Nick goes to confront Saint Joe who denies everything and tries to drwn Nick but Watt rescues him and kills Saint Joe and his crew. While reliving Watts memory of her conversation with Mae, they discover that Mae broke into the vault, stole records of Elsa Carine, a client who relived her encounter with an older lover, Walter Sylvan, a wealthy ‘land baron.’

Nick while investigating finds out that Elsa was murdered, her son, also walter’s, is kidnapped by a woman  whose description matches to Mae. Devasteted with all this information, Nick ends up commiting a crime, runs away and use his machine to relive his memories with Mae.




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