Sky High film, wiki, release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Storyline

Sky High

Sky High (2020 film)

Sky High (Spanish: Hasta el cielo) is a Spanish crime thriller film directed by Daniel Calparsoro and starring Miguel Herrán, Luis Tosar, Carolina Yuste, Patricia Vico, Fernando Cayo, Richard Holmes, Asia

Sky High Film Release Date

Sky High was scheduled to be released by Netflix on April 2, 2021

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Sky High Film Storyline

Plot Summary & Review

The plot follows angel, a young man from the Madrid outskirts, as his criminal career progresses after he meets Estrella in a bar.

Angel (Miguel Herrán) works in an auto garage in the Madrid outskirts for a buddy. His group of lads is content with their modest lifestyles, but everyone has aspirations to become wealthy, powerful, and, most importantly, welcomed into the upper crust. The story notably displays angel’s ambition in a wonderful scenario in which he gazes at a skyscraper and remarks, “From up there, we must appear like ants.” angel eyes are blazing with the yearning to one day own that area up there.

Angel meets Estrella (Carolina Yuste) in a bar and falls in love with her right away. However, she is already dating Poli, an arrogant but wealthy punk (Richard Holmes). Poli travels in high-end vehicles and trades in stolen stuff. In order to impress Estrella, Angel teams up with Poli and robs a jewelry store for quick money. Angel, on the other hand, is arrested for the crimes.

Poli assists Angel in his release from prison through his most devoted lawyer, Mercedes. Angel joins Poli’s group to prove his allegiance and please Estrella, and the two begin smuggling everything Don Rogelio requests.

The kingpin of the suburbs is Don Rogelio (Luis Tosar). Every item stolen finds a home in his storehouse. He is a middleman who sells stolen stuff to wealthy individuals. Rogelio, on the other hand, is not a punk and has strong ties to the administration and the judiciary. That is what makes him strong: he leaves no evidence of his effort.

When Angel meets Rogelio, he wishes to be like him, and Sole (Asia Ortega), Rogelio’s daughter, becomes his shortcut. In order to gain control, Angel not only dumps Estrella and marries Sole, but he also double-crosses Poli and forms his own gang. With the new gang, Angel becomes a target for the cops and other punks, who all rush for him with their guns drawn.

Angel makes a lot of money by doing a series of unlawful crimes. With that money, he tries to build a retail shop, but the cops arrest him for money laundering. Mercedes, his lawyer, informs him that the money he has stolen is unaccounted for and that he has no proof of the income. If he wants to start a new life, he must convert his black money into white.

Angel tries to convert his money with the help of Mercedes and some Chinese money launderers. However, cops had been listening in on Mercedes’ phone calls, and angel’s father-in-law had cautioned him not to trust her. Nonetheless, Angel sticks to his plan and sends his wife, Sole, to the hotel to deal with the Chinese and exchange money.

The police arrive and arrest Angel, Sole, and the rest of the gang. Sole calls Estrella, the only person who can help her, from the police station. She asks Estrella to take two bags full of cash from the hotel storeroom because if the cops find those bags, angel’s life will be over. Sole also instructs Estrella to destroy the Simcard after the assignment is completed in order to disappear.

Estrella successfully retrieves the luggage from the hotel, but as she was about to remove the Simcard, Don Rogelio’s hired murderer (police officer) shoots Estrella and takes the bag with her. Don Rogelio, Sole’s father, was the one who intervened. To preserve his daughter, he obliterated all traces of her existence.

There is no link between Angel and Sole that the police can find. They have no choice except to dismiss the accusations. Angel looks at the lotus tattoo that reminds him of Estrella in the final image. The girl for whom he entered the unlawful business and for whom he fell in love is no longer with him. Angel, who has no desire to join the upper class, smashes the glass entrance of a business with his fast car. He has decided to remain a PUNK.

Sky High Film Cast

  • Miguel Herrán as Ángel
  • Carolina Yuste as Estrella
  • Fernando Cayo as Duque
  • Luis Tosar as Rogelio
  • Asia Ortega as Sole
  • Richard Holmes as Poli
  • Patricia Vico as Mercedes
  • Ayax Pedrosa as Motos
  • Dollar Selmouni as Gitano
  • Jarfaiter as Toño
  • Ramseys as Nando
  • Carlytos Vela as Pintas

Sky High Film Wiki

  • Spanish Hasta el cielo
  • Directed by Daniel Calparsoro
  • Written by Jorge Guerricaechevarría
  • Produced by Borja Pena
  • Starring
    Miguel Herrán
    Luis Tosar
    Carolina Yuste
    Patricia Vico
    Fernando Cayo
    Richard Holmes
    Asia Ortega
    Ayax Pedrosa
    Dollar Selmouni
  • Cinematography Josu Inchaústegui
  • Edited by Antonio Frutos
  • Production company
    Vaca Films
  • Distributed by Universal Pictures International Spain
  • Release date
    22 August 2020 (Málaga Film Festival)
    18 December 2020 (Spain)
  • Running time 121 minutes
  • Country Spain
  • Language Spanish

Sky High Film Official Trailer

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