Snake Eyes (2021 film) Plot Summary, Cast and Trailer

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes (2021 film) (also known simply as G.I. Joe Origins) is a 2021 American Superhero movie directed by Robert Schwentke from a screenplay by Evan Spiliotopoulos, Anna Waterhouse, and Joe Shrapnel. Based on Hasbro’s G.I. Joe media franchise, the movie serves as an origin story for the title character, in addition to being a reboot of the G.I. Joe film series

The plan was first announced in May 2018, with Golding being cast in the titular role in August 2019 and the rest of the cast joining in subsequent months. initial filming took place in Vancouver and Japan from October 2019 to February 2020, reshoots took place in March 2021.

The film was theatrically published in the United States on July 23, 2021, by Paramount Pictures. The film received mixed criticisms from critics, who criticized the action parts’ writing, editing, and direction, but praised the performances and production values.

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A young boy is orphaned after his father is killed. Years later, the young boy has grown into a competent and deadly martial arts warrior, driven by a desire to exact revenge on his father. After witnessing his father’s killer force him to toss two weighted dice to determine his fate, killing him when he rolled double ones, he adopts the moniker “Snake Eyes” to conceal his true identity.

If Snake Eyes will work for him, Kenta, a wealthy Yakuza boss discovered in an underground Los Angeles combat circuit, offers to locate his father’s killer. Instead of assisting the traitor in escape, Snake Eyes chooses not to prove his commitment by shooting a man who betrayed Kenta’s trust. Kenta’s cousin Tommy is the traitor. Both Tommy and Kenta were contending for the role of Arashikage clan head, an ancient ninja society dedicated to maintaining order and combating evil. Kenta attempted but failed to assassinate his cousin, and he was exiled.

Tommy takes Snake Eyes to his Japanese ninja dojo and asks to be initiated as a member. Sen, Tommy’s grandmother and the current clan leader, decides to put Snake Eyes through three trials to determine whether he is deserving. Akiko, the clan’s head of security, has misgivings about Snake Eyes at first, but he earns her trust by revealing his father’s death and explaining why no record of him exists. Snake Eyes has devised a plan to betray his new friends that no one is aware of. Kenta staged Tommy’s assassination and escape in order to get Snake Eyes close enough to steal the clan’s most valuable relic, the “Jewel of the Sun,” which has magical properties.

Tommy puts his fury aside and allows Snake Eyes to assist him and the rest of the clan’s warriors in fighting Kenta’s forces, including Scarlett, a member of the international peacekeeping squad G.I. Joe. After Kenta admits he has no intention of handing over the jewel, the Baroness forms a short alliance with the Arashikage clan and Scarlett. After his soldiers are defeated, Kenta loses the diamond to Tommy, and in his wrath, he tries to use its power to kill his cousin. Kenta escapes, but Snake Eyes apprehends him and tosses him into the anaconda pit, where the snakes devour him when they detect his evil spirit. Snake Eyes is now thought to have a pure heart for renouncing his vengeance.

After the battle, Sen informs Tommy that he is no longer fit to lead the clan because he broke his promise not to use the jewel. Enraged over the loss of his birthright, Tommy abandons the clan, his family, and even pledges to kill Snake Eyes if they ever meet again. Scarlett offers Snake Eyes the chance to join the Joes after learning that his father was a G.I. Joe agent.

In a mid-credits scene on a private plane leaving Japan, the Baroness recruits Tommy into Cobra and renames him “Storm Shadow.”


  • Henry Golding as Snake Eyes:
  • Andrew Koji as Tomisaburo “Tommy” Arashikage/Storm Shadow:
  • Úrsula Corberó as Ana DeCobray/Baroness:
  • Samara Weaving as Major O’Hara/Scarlett:
  • Haruka Abe as Akiko:
  • Takehiro Hira as Kenta Takamura:
  • Iko Uwais as Hard Master: A formidable mentor of the Arashikage clan and the uncle of Tommy.
  • Peter Mensah as Blind Master: A blind mentor of the Arashikage clan.
  • Eri Ishida as Sen: The leader of Clan Arashikage, and the grandmother of Tommy.
  • Steven Allerick as Snake Eyes’ father
  • Samuel Finzi as Mr. Augustine
  • James Hiroyuki Liao as Yasuko
  • Mojo Rawley as Bruiser Streetfighter

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