Spoor (film), wiki, release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Storyline


Spoor (film)

Spoor (Polish: Pokot) is a 2017 Polish crime film directed by Agnieszka Holland and based on Olga Tokarczuk’s novel Drive Your Plow Over the Dead Bones. It was selected to compete for the Golden Bear in the main competition section of the 67th Berlin International Film Festival.

The film was awarded the Alfred Bauer Prize in Berlin (Silver Bear). It was chosen as Poland’s entry for the 90th Academy Awards’ Best Foreign Language Film category, however, it was not nominated.

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Spoor film Release Date

12 February 2017 (Berlin)
24 February 2017 (Poland)

Spoor film Storyline

Plot Summary & Review

Janina Duszejko, an eccentric elderly woman, lives with her two dogs in a lonely hilly part of the Kodzko Valley in southwestern Poland. Her pets vanish one day as she is driving Dobra Nowina, a local woman, to the shop. She approaches her next-door neighbor, whom she refers to as “Big Foot,” a local hunter. She is awakened one night by another neighbor. Swierczynski (“Matoga”) informs her that Big Foot is dead. They arrive at his residence and move the body from the floor to the bed. Duszejko is interrogated by the local police chief and expresses her dissatisfaction with her missing pets. Her complaints are dismissed by the police. Following his encounter with Duszejko, the police chief meets with Jaroslav Wnetzak, a local businessman who issues an ultimatum to the chief regarding the money he owes. Duszejko complains to the local priest about her dogs, but she is scolded for treating animals like humans, which is considered blasphemy.

The local hunting activities and the slaughter of animals in the vicinity irritate Duszejko. Duszejko tries to disrupt a local hunt, but Wnetzak stops him and humiliates him.

During the winter, she and Dyzio, a police-hired IT specialist, come across the police chief’s abandoned vehicle late at night. The chief’s body is discovered nearby. He was killed by a strike to the head, and animal traces were discovered around his body. The prosecutor, who is Swierszcynski’s son, questions her about the body. She discusses the tracks she discovered as well as her astrology idea. Her theories are dismissed by the prosecutor. Duszejko makes friends with Dyzio and Nowina, who now works for Wnetzak at both the neighborhood store and the brothel he owns.

In the summer, Duszejko meets Czech entomologist Boros Schneider in the forest. He has discovered Wnetzak’s body and reports it to the police. The body has been in the forest for months. Duszejko and Boros begin a romantic relationship and Boros explains to her about pheromones that attract certain beetles. Duszejko is questioned by the prosecutor about Wnetzak’s death. She proffers a theory that the victims were killed by animals since they were all hunters. Nowina is initially arrested for Wnetzak’s death because of threats she made against him. In the summer Duszejko goes to a costume ball attended by all the locals. She sees the drunken mayor Wolski abusing his wife, telling her to wait in the car while he continues his partying. Duszejko comforts the wife and tells her to go home and that she will look after Wolski and make sure he gets home.

The next day, the police arrive at her residence. Because she was the last person to see Mayor Wolski alive, they put her under arrest for his death. She claimed she went to check on the mayor that night, but no one knew where he was. She stated that she imagined he was taken home by someone else. She then presents her astrology idea to the cops, who become flustered and release her. She attends a church service and is offended by the priest’s sermon, which praises hunters. She erupts in laughter and is escorted from the church. She witnesses a magpie bringing an article to the church tower while standing outside the church.

Dyzio, who is with Nowina, recalls the mayor’s body is covered with bugs and Duszejko carrying pheromones that drew the beetles in. Dyzio then concludes that Duszejko is to blame for all of the deaths. Dyzio then discovers that the church has caught fire and that the priest has died. Dyzio and Nowina decide to consult Magota about their options. They locate Magota at her kitchen table with Duszejko. They present Nowina with a photograph of all the local hunters posing with the spoils of a hunt that included Duszejko’s two dogs. After Big Foot’s death, Duszejko said she discovered the photo at his home. Duszejko then tells the story of Wolski’s death.

Duszejko, Magota, Dyzio, Nowina, Nowina’s brother, and Boros are all sharing a happy meal in a country home in the closing scene.

Pokot is a hunting phrase used in Polish that refers to the number of wild animals killed. The traces and trails left behind by the hunted game are referred to as Spoor in English.

Spoor film Cast

  • Agnieszka Mandat
  • Jakub Gierszał
  • Katarzyna Herman
  • Andrzej Grabowski
  • Tomasz Kot
  • Borys Szyc
  • Miroslav Krobot
  • Marcin Bosak
  • Patrycja Volny

Spoor film Wiki

  • Directed by Agnieszka Holland
  • Written by Olga Tokarczuk
    Agnieszka Holland
  • Based on Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead by Olga Tokarczuk
  • Produced by Janusz Wachala
    Krzysztof Zanussi
  • Starring
    Agnieszka Mandat
    Wiktor Zborowski
    Miroslav Krobot
    Jakub Gierszał
    Patrycja Volny
    Tomasz Kot
    Borys Szyc
  • Cinematography Jolanta Dylewska
    Rafal Paradowski
  • Edited by Pavel Hrdlicka
  • Music by Antoni Lazarkiewicz
  • Release date
    12 February 2017 (Berlin)
    24 February 2017 (Poland)
  • Running time 128 minutes
  • Countries Poland
    Czech Republic
  • Language Polish
  • Box office $1 million

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