Sydney Sweeney Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Movies, TV Series, Net Worth & Career

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is an American performing artist best known for her portrayals of  Haley Caren on Within the Vault and Emaline on the Netflix arrangement Everything Sucks! Sweeney is scheduled to star in recurring parts of the HBO miniseries Sharp Objects (2018) starring Amy Adams and the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale (2017) with Elisabeth Moss

Sydney Sweeney Biography and Wiki

Sweeney (born September 12, 1997)is an American on-screen character. She showed up within the Netflix arrangement Everything Sucks! (2018) and has undertaken similar parts in the Hulu arrangement The Handmaid’s Story (2018) and the HBO miniseries Sharp Objects (2018).

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Sydney Sweeney Age and Birthday

Sweeney, born on 12 September 1997, Spokane, Washington, United States is currently 24 years old. Her birth sign is Virgo.

Sydney Sweeney Parents

Sweeney”s parents are Lisa Mudd Sweeney and Scott Sweeney. Her father works in the medical field and mother is a professional lawyer.

Sydney Sweeney  Boyfriend

Sweeney has been dating Jonathan Dafino for a while. The first reports that they were together were made public when they were seen together in Hawaii.

Sydney Sweeney Net Worth

As an American high school student and rising star, her net worth is about $ 1 million.

Sydney Sweeney Career

Sweeney has appeared on television shows such as 90210, Crime Minds, Grays Anatomy, In the Vault, and Pretty Little Liars.
In the Netflix series, Sweeney played the role of Amalin Addario! , Which revolves around two groups of high school students in Oregon in 1996. She then appears in the HBO Sharp Objects miniseries where she plays Alice, a roommate Amy Adams meets. A mental hospital was originally supposed to play a smaller role, but the director kept bringing him in for more scenes. Sweeney, on the other hand, studied the stories of girls who suffered from mental illness and abuse, and visited hospitals with patients who had injured themselves. Sweeney photos are all dirty! And sharp objects at the same time as the previous filming of the week and the latter on the weekend.

Sweeney starred as Eden Spencer, a devout and obedient girl, in the 2018 trailer Under Silver Lagoon and in the second season of the dystopian tragedy The Handmaids Tale. He also starred in the horror film Came the Devil. The following year she appeared in the drama Clementine, the film The Great Adulthood of Adult Time, and the one-day Hollywood drama Quentin Tarantino. That same year, Sweeney played Howard in the Euphoria teen drama series “The Corrupt Teenager”. Sweeney will star in the TV movie Nocturne. She will also star in the cast, a television series based on Jessica Goodman’s novel They Wish We Were, which airs on HBO Max. Sweeney will also executive produce for his company, Fifty-Fifty Films. The Halsey singer, with whom Sweeney wrote the music video for “Graveyard”, also plays Halsey. In the summer of 2021, he appeared with HBO writer and director Mike White in The White Lotus.

Sydney Sweeney Movies

  1. ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction (2009) as a Lisa
  2. The Opium Eater (2010) as a Sarah Detzer
  3. Takeo (2010) as a Samantha Wright
  4. Night Blind (2010) as a Lost Girl
  5. The Ward (2010) as a Young Alice
  6. Spiders 3D (2013) as a Emily
  7. Angels in Stardust (2014) as a Annie
  8. Held (2015) as a Lily Woods
  9. Love Made Visible (2015) as a Leah
  10. The Martial Arts Kid (2015) as a Julia
  11. The Unborn (2015) as a Little Janey Hutchins
  12. Stolen From Suburbia (2015) as a Emma
  13. Cassidy Way (2016) as a Kelsey Connors
  14. The Horde (2016) as a Hailey Summers
  15. Vikes (2017) as a Ida
  16. Dead Ant (2017) as a Sam
  17. It Happened Again Last Night (2017) as a Young Paige
  18. Relentless (2018) as a Ally
  19. Under the Silver Lake (2018) as a Shooting Star
  20. Along Came the Devil (2018) as a Ashley
  21. Big Time Adolescence (2019) as a Holly
  22. Clementine (2019) as a Lana
  23. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) as a Dianne “Snake” Lake
  24. Nocturne (2020)
  25. The Voyeurs (2020) as a Pippa

Sydney Sweeney Television Series

  1. Heroes (2009) as a Little Girl
  2. Criminal Minds (2009) as a Dani Forester
  3. Chase (2010) as a Kayla Edwards
  4. 90210 (2010) as a Girl
  5. Kickin’ It (2011) as a Kelsey Vargas
  6. The Bling Ring (2011) as a Izzy Fishman
  7. Grey’s Anatomy (2014) as a Erin Weaver
  8. Monster School Animation (2017) as a Madeline Rayon
  9. The Middle (2017) as a Female Student 1
  10. Pretty Little Liars (2017) as a Willa
  11. In the Vault (2017) as a Haley Caren
  12. Everything Sucks! (2018) as a Emaline Addario
  13. The Handmaid’s Tale (2018) as a Eden Spencer
  14. Sharp Objects (2018) as a Alice
  15. Manic (2018) as a Missy ‘Paper Girl’
  16. The Wrong Daughter (2018) as a Samantha
  17. Euphoria (2019) as a Cassie Howard
  18. What you Might need to know About Sydney Sweeney

What you Might need to know About Sydney Sweeney

Who is Sydney Sweeney?

Sydney Sweeney is an American actress best known for her roles as Haley Caren on In the Vault (2017) and Emaline Addario on the Netflix series Everything Sucks! (2018).

How old is Sydney Sweeney?

Sweeney was born in 12 September 1997. She is currently 24 years old.

Is Sydney Sweeney married?

Sweeney is not married but  is has been dating Jonathan Davino for quite some time.

What is Sydney Sweeney net worth?

Sweeney has a total net worth of around $1 million.

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