The Deep House Movie 2021, Release Date, Trailer, Cast & where to watch

The Deep House

The Deep House 

The Deep House, a supernatural horror film released in France in 2021. James Jagger and Camille Rowe star in the picture. The film was acquired for North American distribution by Blumhouse Productions and Epix. Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo wrote and directed The film

Apollo Films distributed the film in France on June 30, 2021.

The Deep House Trailer

The Deep House Release Date

At the Cannes Film Festival, The Deep House made its global debut. On June 30, 2021, it was released theatrically in France.
On November 5, 2021, it will be released digitally in the United States.

The Deep House Cast

  • James Jagger as Ben
  • Camille Rowe as Tina
  • Éric Savin as Pierre Montégnac
  • Alexis Servaes as Mister Montégnac
  • Anne Claessens as Madame Montégnac
  • Carolina Massey as Sarah Montégnac

The Deep House Plot

Ben and Tina are a young engaged New York couple and avid YouTube contributors who are traveling Europe in search of rumored haunted houses to live-record their adventures. They travel to south-west France in search of a sanatorium immersed in an artificial lake, only to discover it is a popular vacation destination. Pierre, a local, offers to drive them to an isolated branch of the lake in the Chanteloup forest, a region that was artificially submerged in 1984 to prevent severe floods. He’s escorting them to a mansion that he claims has been preserved in its original state.

When Ben and Tina arrive in the location, they dive in and discover the house, which is strangely well-preserved. However, odd things start to happen after they enter the house: they start hearing strange voices and noises, their drone’s motion tracker suggests activity when there isn’t any, and their electronic equipment starts malfunctioning for no apparent reason. In addition, they discover several images, posters, and news stories depicting missing children in some of the rooms, as well as satanic symbols and a slew of severe scratches on the front door post.

They find a door blocked by a giant cross in the kitchen, and when they open it, they find two bodies in chains and torture masks dangling above a satanic pentagram, as well as a side chamber full of pickled human body parts. Ben and Tina try to evacuate the house, but the window through which they entered is abruptly blocked by a brick wall, and their frantic hunt for alternative exits is fruitless.

Tina is attacked while attempting to unlock a grate in the cellar with the two bodies. The assault comes to a sudden end, but Ben oddly denies that anything remarkable has occurred. Ben removes the masks off the dead, revealing the Montégnacs, the family who owned the house.

The two corpses have sprung to life and are chasing them throughout the house. The shaft collapses as they try to escape by a chimney, trapping them on various floors. Ben discovers a family tree in an upstairs bedroom, exposing Pierre as the Montégnacs’ son and implying that he purposefully brought them to the mansion, before being assaulted by an undead girl – the Montégnacs’ daughter Sarah – and possessed by her. When Tina finds him, he leads her to a concealed sitting room in the basement, where Sarah confesses that Mr. Montégnac and Pierre kidnapped children from the local region to serve as satanic sacrifices, thanks to Ben and a terrible film reel.

An avenging mob eventually killed the elder Montégnacs and Sarah, but Pierre managed to flee.

Ben tries to get Tina to join the family under Sarah’s influence. Tina rushes inside a secret satanic church, panicked and with her oxygen supply exhausted, where she discovers a hole heading out. Ben apprehends her and attempts to murder her, but she wounds him with a diving knife, stunning him out of his possession. Sarah stabs Ben to death before they can flee together. Tina then flees up the shaft, which leads back into the lake, as the Montégnacs turn on her. However, just beneath the surface of the sea, the residual air in her lungs expires, and she drowns.

The Deep House where to watch

The Deep House is coming to the United States after being published in France in June. The film will be released on November 5th.

The Deep House movie streaming

“The Deep House” is currently available to stream on Virgin TV Go. You can also download “The Deep House” from Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store, and Sky Store, or rent it from Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store, and Sky Store.

The Deep House watch Online

“The Deep House” is currently available to stream on Virgin TV Go. You can also download “The Deep House” from Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store, and Sky Store, or rent it from Apple iTunes, Amazon Video, Microsoft Store, and Sky Store.

The Deep House full movie

The Deep House is a production that exemplifies the horror film genre’s noteworthy progress in terms of material in recent years. The film deals with a unique subject matter that offers a haunted house narrative a whole new spin.

The Deep House movie

While diving in a rural French lake, a couple of YouTubers who specialize in underwater exploration films discover a house sunk in the deep waters. What started off as a fantastic find suddenly turns into a nightmare when they discover the house was the scene of horrendous atrocities. They’ve been confined for a long time, and their oxygen levels are rapidly dwindling. The worst is yet to come for them: they are not alone in the house.

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