The Rescue (2021 film), Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Storyline & wiki

The Rescue

The Rescue (2021 film)

The Rescue, a 2021 American-British documentary film. It is based on the cave rescue at Tham Luang. Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin directed and produced the film

On September 2, 2021, it made its global premiere at the 48th Telluride Film Festival.

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The Rescue Film Release Date

On September 2, 2021, the film made its global debut at the 48th Telluride Film Festival. On September 12, 2021, it was also screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it received the People’s Choice Award for Documentaries.

The film will be distributed in the United States by Greenwich Entertainment.

The Rescue Film Storyline

Plot Summary & Review

The magnetic center of co-directors E. Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin’s documentary work is unbounded daring, physical stamina, and emotional tenacity. The filmmakers of the Oscar-winning suspense thriller “Free Solo” naturally gravitate toward true-life you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it stories, pulling far more than just beautifully documented and fascinating anecdotes of survival and tenacity from them. Far more than just extreme sports documentaries, their films explore philosophical questions about life and the world, giving the challenges they document an existential edge.

Nonetheless, no risk Chin and Vasarhelyi have represented thus far has been more significant or unreservedly worth taking than the one they trace in “The Rescue,” a magnificent documentary with bone-deep moral impact and cinematic artistry that needs to be seen on the big screen. The extraordinary story they tell this time takes us back to the summer of 2018 when the Wild Boar soccer team — a dozen young boys and their coach — became trapped in Tham Luang, a vast and labyrinthine cave in Northern Thailand, attracting international attention and sympathy during their two-week ordeal.

The kids were out for a leisurely but badly timed expedition after a practice session on the fatal day itself, unknowing of the approaching rainfall that would finally block their exit, driving them deeper into the dark recesses of a swiftly filling cave. Thousands of concerned people and specialists joined together to fight an epic and terrible battle against continuously changing unknowns in order to save them.

Chin and Vasarhelyi generously construct the pieces of the puzzle that build-up to this incredible operation through “The Rescue.” The end product is a stirring film that honors mankind at its most altruistic and ethical, guided by strong directing instincts and deft editing by Bob Eisenhardt.

It’s worth mentioning that neither Chin, a seasoned mountain climber, nor Vasarhelyi, a seasoned open-water diver, were present for this operation. As a result, the co-directors were faced with a different kind of storytelling issue than in “Meru” and “Free Solo,” as they lacked their own unique video of important points in the operation. In other words, for physical and dramatic context, “The Rescue” depended on other people’s video as well as extensive talking-head interviews (shot primarily digitally owing to pandemic constraints).

Given the vast amount of secondhand, jigsaw-like, and never-before-seen material and perspectives they were drawing from, the duo’s ability to attain crystal clarity in muddy waters is quite remarkable. The two construct the terrifying happenings developing in tunnels and claustrophobic underground chambers with utmost, well-researched precision, giving the viewer a complete and thrilling understanding of the geography with all the immense stakes buried within its vastness. With studious patience and focus — and some help from a number of powerful reenactments and lucidly designed computer graphics — the two construct the terrorizing happenings developing in tunnels and claustrophobic underground chamber

In that regard, the narrative balance of “The Rescue” is truly commendable: we get to follow and hear from Thai Navy SEALs, US Special Forces, British cave divers, Australian medical experts, and a Thai nurse named “Amp” Bangngoen (who plays an important role as a translator), fully comprehending the gravity of the situation handled by a crowded group of colorful personalities. Along with Amp, cave divers John Volanthen, Rick Stanton, and Dr. Richard “Harry” Harris leave the most lasting effects. It’s via these individuals that we learn what drives a daring cave diver — yeah, they’re not insane — and Chin and Vasarhelyi, both of whom have participated in either.

“Two parts ego, one part curiosity, and one part a need to prove yourself,” one of them says of his perilous, perhaps fatal habit. All of these heroes share a history of nerdy unpopularity in their youth, a point that “The Rescue” just briefly focuses on, but is enough to hook the viewer on these former underdogs. The co-directors, who are always interested in human relationships (as evidenced by the unique love story at the heart of “Free Solo”), can’t help but include some romance in “The Rescue,” braiding in a courtship between two of the protagonists.

The rescue is, of course, the main draw, with the majority of it taking place in an awe-inspiring final act. As the rest of the world watches and millions of gallons of water are pumped out of the caves to keep the kids from drowning, the divers decide to sedate them and transport them unconsciously through the long tunnel, which is too dangerous and nerve-wracking even for an experienced cave diver to navigate. At one point, a rescuer loses his rope, which is a cave diver’s most valuable asset that connects him to safety. At another point, the medications wear off and are no longer effective.

It’s incredibly inspiring to see a large group of various experts put their fears and self-interest aside and come together to achieve a shared objective. Witnessing this profound miracle seems like receiving an overdue supply of air in today’s increasingly individualistic world split by superficial differences.

The Rescue Film Cast

  • Thanet Natisri
  • Jim Warny
  • Shabbir Showne
  • Mikko Paasi
  • John Volanthen
  • Rick Stanton
  • Vern Unsworth
  • Mitch Torrel
  • Josh Morris
  • Ben Svasti Thomson
  • Josh Bratchley
  • Saman Gunan

The Rescue Film Wiki

  • Directed by
    Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
    Jimmy Chin
  • Produced by
    Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
    Jimmy Chin
    John Battsek
    PJ. van Sandwijk
  • Cinematography David Katznelson
  • Edited by Bob Eisenhardt
  • Music by Daniel Pemberton
  • Production companies
    National Geographic Documentary Films
    Storyteller Productions
    Little Monster Films
    Passion Pictures
  • Distributed by Greenwich Entertainment
  • Release date
    September 2, 2021 (Telluride)
  • Running time 114 minutes
  • Countries
    United States
    United Kingdom
  • Language English

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