Together Together (2021)

Together Together

Together Together

Together is a 2021 American comedy film written and directed by Nikole Beckwith. The movie stars Ed Helms, Patti Harrison, Tig Notaro, Julio Torres, and Anna Konkle. The movie had its world premiere at the Sundance movie Festival on January 31, 2021, and was released on April 23, 2021, by Bleecker Street.

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The movie begins with Matt, a successful app developer aged 40, questioning Anna, a 20 something who operates a coffee shop, for displaying his agent. Matt wants to be a father but doesn’t feel the need to get married for it

The movie then turns to the first trimester and shows the professor telling Matt and Anna that everything is well, which makes Matt very happy and he asks Anna for supper as a celebration to which she agrees. later Matt tells his brother and his parents concerning the propagation

Matt and Anna discuss pro-life and pro-choice life views, as well as their fear of conversing with one another. When Anna orders potato over salad for supper, Matt makes an odd, obnoxious noise, claiming that it is bad for the baby since what she eats, the baby consumes. He places an order for spaghetti with bacon. “She matters only for the next nine months,” Anna explains when the waitress leaves, “but he matters for the next 18+ years, therefore he should also be eating good food.”

Matt brings Anna a special pregnant tea and clogs. She accepts the tea but claims she does not require the clogs. Matt brings the clogs to Anna’s place, where he meets the guy Anna is dating. He becomes agitated because he believes it is unsafe for the infant. Both proceed to the hospital, where Anna makes it obvious that he can’t prevent her from having sex for a year, and that it’s perfectly safe because many married women have sex while pregnant, as the technician confirms.

If they wish to hear the heartbeat, the technician will ask. Listening to the heartbeat makes Matt immensely pleased. Matt says it was extremely thrilling at therapy and that he wants to hear that music all the time, while Anna adds it was good to see Matt so pleased. They discuss Matt’s fear about Anna having sex when the therapist asks whether they have any other difficulties except the clogs. The therapist tries to dispel any doubts, but Matt remains apprehensive. Anna tells Matt during the second trimester that she plans to use the money to enroll in an accelerated degree program at Vermont, where she will be able to earn her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in three and a half years.

After therapy, Anna asks Matt if he wants to hold hands and eat candy at the park, which they do while sitting on a bench. Anna is having contractions a week before her due date. Then they take Anna to the hospital, where she delivers baby Lamp, using everything they taught in the birth center. Matt consoles a crying Lamp towards the end of the film.

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