Tom & Jerry (2021) Release date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

Tom & Jerry (2021)

Tom & Jerry(2021)

Tom & Jerry is a 2021 American animation based on the titular cartoon characters of the same name created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, produced by the Warner Animation Group, and distributed by Warner Bros. It is the second dramatic film based on the characters following 1992’s Tom and Jerry: The Movie.

The film follows Jerry taking refuge in a fancy hotel, which has Tom teaming up with a young servant named Kayla to eradicate Jerry before his presence threatens the hotel and its big wedding set to take place on the hotel grounds.

The characters are voiced by William Hanna, Mel Blanc, and June Foray via archival recordings, alongside Frank Welker, Kaiji Tang, and André Sogliuzzo, animation produced by the Warner Animation Group, and filming beginning in 2019. It received generally negative criticisms from critics, who criticized the human characters and screenplay but credited the film for its sense of nostalgia.  It has also grossed over $125 million on a $79 million budget.

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Tom & Jerry(2021) Plot

Thomas D. Cat, who aspires to be a pianist, performs in Central Park in Manhattan, New York. Meanwhile, Jerome A. Mouse, his long-time competitor, is looking for a new home. Tom chases Jerry after his keyboard is smashed in a fight too, but he runs across Kayla Forester, who loses her job as a result. Jerry seeks refuge at the Royal Gate, New York’s most opulent hotel, while Tom pursues him and fails to a break-in, despite being antagonized by Butch, Topsy, Meathead, Lightning, and Ash, whom Tom retaliates by ordering animal control to pursue them.

Kayla uses a stolen CV from a lady named Linda to apply for a job at The Royal Gate, where she is hired by Henry Dubros, the hotel’s affluent owner with a pet goldfish named Goldie, to assist plan a high-profile wedding. Kayla is given a tour of the hotel, while Jerry’s routine escapades include stealing food and stuff to supplement his new lifestyle, and Tom tries a variety of innovative ways to break into the hotel in order to pursue Jerry.

Preeta Mehta and her fiancé Ben, as well as their cats Spike and Toots, are greeted as they arrive, unconscious that Jerry is stealing from Preeta’s handbag, with the exception of Spike, who observes him. The wedding reception continues until Jerry’s incident rekindles his long-running cat-and-mouse game with Tom, with Spike joining in.

When the disapproving wedding and hotel audience notices Tom, he pulls back a curtain with the cartoon’s trademark “The End” title, breaching the fourth wall and allowing the two adversaries to continue their feud. The film concludes with a post-credits scene that depicts Ben’s confusion at learning that he will be paid full price for both weddings.

Tom & Jerry(2021) Cast

1. Kayla Forester, a young Royal Gate Hotel employee and wedding planner who employs Tom to remove Jerry before the wedding, is played by Chloe Grace Moretz.

2. Terence Mendoza, the Royal Gate Hotel’s no-nonsense turned cunning event manager, and Kayla’s boss, is played by Michael Pea.

3. Colin Jost plays Ben, the groom of the Royal Gate Hotel’s wedding, which he is preparing and hosting. Spike is also owned by Ben.

4. Mr. Henry Dubros, the affluent general manager and proprietor of the Royal Gate Hotel, is played by Rob Delaney.]

5. Preeta Mehta, the bride and Ben’s fiancée, played by Pallavi Sharda. Preeta also has a female cat named Toodles “Toots” Galore.

6. Cameron, a bartender at the Royal Gate Hotel, is played by Jordan Bolger.

7. Joy the Bell Girl, an awkward Royal Gate Hotel bellhop, is played by Patsy Ferran.

8. As Chef, Ken Jeong Jackie works as a chef and baker at the Royal Gate Hotel and despises Jerry.

Voice and animated cast

1. Tom in his natural state. Jerry’s adversary, Tom, is a stray cat. He tries to make a living as a blind busker playing the piano at the beginning of the film, but his blindness is exposed as a sham due to Jerry’s antics. Kayla later hires him to remove Jerry out of the motel. “Thomas D. Cat as Himself” is listed in the closing title cards. He does not have a speaking role, but he is voiced by T-Pain in a song.

2. Jerry in the role of Himself Jerry is a naughty house mouse that is Tom’s competitor. He decides to stay at the hotel. In the closing title cards, Jerry is listed as “Jerome A. Mouse as Himself.” He does not appear in any scenes that require talking.

3. Spike, a burly yet hilarious American bulldog that despises Tom and is also Ben’s family pet, is played by Bobby Cannavale.

4. Butch, a disgruntled black alley cat who is the leader of a gang of alley cats in Manhattan who opposes Tom, is played by Nicky Jam.

5. The Alley Cats are the Plastic Cup Boyz.

6. Joey Wells in the role of Lightning

7. Topsy is played by Harry Ratchford.

8. Spank Horton in the role of Ash

9. Meathead is played by Na’Im Lynn.

10.  Angel/Devil Lil Rel Howery Tom, the angel on Tom’s shoulder, and the demon on Tom’s shoulder.

11. As a Real Estate Rat, Utkarsh Ambudkar

12. Pigeon Announcer: Tim Story

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