Unwelcome Movie 2022, Trailer, Release Date, Cast & Plot Summarly


Unwelcome Movie 2022

Unwelcome is a British home invasion horror film released in 2022 about a young couple who must defend their home from a gang of wicked goblins. The Little People was the previous name for this group.

Jon Wright (Robot Overlords, Grabbers, Tormented) directed the film, which was based on a screenplay developed with Mark Stay. Piers Tempest and Peter Touche produced the film.

Hannah John-Kamen (Ant-Man And The Wasp), Niamh Cusack, Douglas Booth, Colm Meaney, and Jamie-Lee O’Donnell feature in the Tempo Productions-Cornerstone Films-Ingenious Media film.

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Unwelcome Movie Trailer

Unwelcome Movie Release Date

Unwelcome will be released in UK theaters early next year, on February 4th, 2022; the countdown has begun!

Unwelcome Movie Cast

Hannah John-Kamen as Maya
Niamh Cusack as Maeve
Douglas Booth as Jamie
Colm Meaney as Whelan
Jamie-Lee as O’Donnell
Kristian Nairn
Rick Warden as Redcap Chief
Chris Walley
Bradley Turner

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Unwelcome Movie Plot 

Maya and Jamie, a young couple from London, relocate to rural Ireland after Jamie inherits a house there. The two are looking for a more quiet way of life, leaving the hustle and bustle of city life behind them. However, as in all good horror films, things don’t go as planned, and they wind up feeling extremely – you guessed it – unwelcome in their new neighborhood. They discover that there are cruel, deadly goblins hiding in the ancient wood at the bottom of their garden before they get a chance to settle in, and they are forced to fight for not only their lives, but also the lives of their unborn child.

The goblins are called Redcaps, and they are based on Scottish tradition. “My grandfather, an Irish farmer, believed in fairies,” said Jon Wright, the film’s director. “He used to claim he tried to erect a wall at the foot of his garden, but it was knocked down every morning as he woke up.” He couldn’t have it since he thought it was being built on fairy land. And in my grandfather’s house, I had a book of fairy stories, Grimm fairy tales, that I always read when I went to see. Myths and stories have long captivated me, particularly the primal way in which they tap into our nature.”

Where to watch Unwelcome Movie

Not available on any OTT Platform right now.

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