What Lies Below Movie 2020, Trailer, Release Date, Plot & Summary

What Lies Below

What Lies Below Movie 2020

What Lies Below is a horror film directed by Braden R. Duemmler and starring Ema Horvath, Mena Suvari, and Trey Tucker that was released in 2020.

What Lies Below Trailer

What Lies Below Release Date

‘What Lies Below’ was published in video-on-demand format in the United States and Canada on December 4, 2020. The film was not released in other European countries until February 22, 2021, following which it was released in the United Kingdom.

What Lies Below Cast

  • Ema Horvath as Liberty Wells
  • Mena Suvari as Michelle Wells
  • Trey Tucker as John Smith
  • Haskiri Velasquez as Marley

What Lies Below Plot Summary

After summer camp, Liberty Wells, also known as Libby, a 16-year-old high school student, returns to her family’s lake cottage. Michelle Wells, her mother, is a romance novelist. Libby meets her mother’s new lover, an aquatic scientist named John, who gifts her a bracelet with fertility goddess symbolism. John explains that his job entails assisting animals in adapting to new conditions. Libby returns to her bed later that night after hearing loud sexual groaning in the kitchen. While Libby pretends to be asleep, John stands in her doorway.

The next morning, Michelle and Libby argue about Libby thinking Michelle doesn’t care about her grandparents while digging up time capsules in the yard, until Michelle confesses Libby she feels unloved by her father. John assists Libby after she is bitten by a centipede. Michelle becomes ill and discloses that John proposed to her and she accepted. Libby discovers John’s work with parasites. When she begins to menstruate, John attempts to mop up the blood with his shirt and touches her. John slips into the bathroom to smell Libby through the curtain while she showers. When she takes off the bracelet he gave her, she notices a red mark on her wrist.

Libby invites her buddy Marley to visit her at her home. She watches John strolling into the lake that night, which is lit up with red lights. John pops out of nowhere, perfectly dry, and tells Libby that he sleepwalks. Michelle starts vomiting the next morning, so she sends Libby into town to buy medicine and a pregnancy test. Libby is following a man who resembles John and another woman. She returns home and informs Marley that John had sexually touched her. Michelle claims to be expecting a child. Libby is dissatisfied, and Michelle believes she is fabricating stories about John touching her.

When Libby notices that John has a nictitating membrane, she tries to pull Michelle away from him, but she is slapped by Michelle. John leaves after Libby discloses Michelle’s age, which is forty-two, not thirty-five. She then investigates the basement, discovering symbols on her wrist in place of the bracelet. Michelle is found in a tank with an IV and the identical symbols on her wrists and on the walls. While John watches Michelle give birth to a dying creature, Libby hides.

Marley’s body is discovered in a water tank, being devoured by parasites, and Libby contacts the cops. As she tries to flee with Michelle, John strikes Libby, and she wakes up chained in a cellar. Several guys who resemble John appear and begin peeling back the walls, revealing many unconscious ladies in water tanks. Libby is forced to ingest a bright substance that John regurgitates. Libby awakens in a row of water tanks filled with other women, all of whom appear to be in pupae. She bangs on the glass as water fills her tank, but then smiles when she finds she can breathe underwater.

what lies below ending

You’re not sure what’s going on towards the end—all you know is that John is terrible, that he’s imprisoned and impregnated Michelle, and that Libby must save the day. She, on the other hand, does not. Michelle dies and Libby is kidnapped by John and a slew of other creepy mermen/aliens who look like him in a peculiar and sad turn of events.

Where to watch what lies below

As long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform, you can watch the movie online on Prime Video. What Lies Below has a 4.4 out of 10 binging rating and is accessible under the Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Suspense, and Thriller categories.

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