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Young Royals

Young Royals (TV series) Wiki

Young Royals (TV series) is a Swedish teen drama series set at the fictional elite boarding school Hillerska. Young Royals is created by Lisa Ambjorn, Lars Beckung, and Camilla Holter. Young Royals(TV series) was Directed by Rojda Sekersoz and Erika Calmeyer and written by Sofie Forsman and Tove Forsman.
Young Royals series talks about  Prince Wilhelm as he operated royal duties and young love at Hillerska Boarding School. At the end of the first season, Prince Wilhelm was required to choose between the crown as the king to be or his love for Simon, a student whose background is not exactly of the royal family

Young Royals gay character

  • Prince Wilhelm of Sweden is played by 18-year-old Edvin Ryding in the film Young Royals.
  • The show has already shot to the top of the charts, with fans calling for a second season.
  • Fans have compared it to a “gay, young” version of The Crown, praising it for being gritty while still being glamorous.


Season 1

After getting into a brawl at a bar, Prince Wilhelm, Queen Kristina of Sweden’s second-born son, is sent to Hillerska, a prestigious boarding school in Bjärstad, where his older brother Crown Prince Erik also studied. August, a fellow student, and the princes’ second cousin keeps an eye on Wilhelm as he begins his studies.

Wilhelm’s classmates include nobles like Felice and the sons of other Swedish landowners. Non-boarding students Simon and his sister Sara, both from Bjärstad, take the bus to school every day. Linda, a Latina immigrant single mother, has three working-class children. While Wilhelm is first worried about joining Hillerska, he rapidly finds friends in August’s “secret societies” and the rowing club and enjoys his time there.

Felice tries to establish a relationship with Wilhelm but instead falls in love with Simon, who shows Wilhelm a new, non-elite side of life, such as watching football games or riding motorcycles late at night. Sara, who has autism and ADHD, befriends Felice as she assists her at the school stables, where Felice does not want to ride her horse but must do so since her mother insists.

Wilhelm becomes first in line to the throne after Crown Prince Erik dies in a car accident, although he continues to study at Hillerska. August covertly films Simon and Wilhelm being intimate one night. While August is undecided about what to do with the film, Wilhelm informs their “secret society” that August’s family is broke and he can no longer afford to study at Hillerska (unbeknownst to August, Wilhelm had already arranged for August’s tuition to be paid for by the royal family).

An international crisis erupts, and Wilhelm is forced to conceal his involvement in the video by Queen Kristina. Wilhelm finally denies that he is the man on the sex tape, causing Simon pain because he believed Wilhelm was accepting their love and coming out of the closet. Wilhelm rushes to Simon’s house to apologize, but he refuses to keep his secret, and the two-part up.

The final scene takes place at their school’s Christmas concert, during which Simon conducts the choir. Wilhelm has always admired his voice, and when it’s through, he hugs him and confesses his love for him. Simon wishes him a happy holiday season.

Young Royals(TV series) Cast and characters


  • Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm
  • Frida Argento as Sara
  • Ivar Forsling as Prince Erik
  • Malte Gårdinger as August
  • Nikita Uggla as Felice
  • Omar Rudberg as Simon

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  • Aminah Al Fakir as Fröken Åhdal
  • Anna Peterson as Livvakt Malin
  • Claes Hartelius as Boris
  • David Lenneman as Poppe
  • Magnus Roosmann as Ludvig


The series will premiere on Netflix on July 8, 2020, although it has yet to be given a title. Nexiko will produce the film, which is directed by Rojda Sekersöz. Lisa Ambjörn (head writer), Pia Gradvall, Sofie Forsman, and Tove Forsman have written the series, which will be produced by Lisa Berggren Eyre and Martin Söder at Nexiko. Executive producer Lars Beckung is in charge of the project.

Young Royals tv-series official trailer

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